Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights on AWS

Easily deploy AWS services to store, query, analyze, and visualize reporting from the Amazon Marketing Cloud API

New! Benchmarks for Aerospike on Amazon EC2 instances

View results of a petabyte-scale benchmark that illustrates Aerospike delivering 4-5 million transactions per second (TPS) at ultra-low latency.

Monitor Amazon Ads campaign performance in your own AWS environment

Advertisers and agencies often ask how they can use AWS to improve performance and understanding of their campaigns running on Amazon Ads. For example, customers use AWS to query and analyze results from Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), Amazon Ads’ cloud-based data clean room that allows advertisers to perform custom campaign analytics with strict safeguards around data privacy and security.

'Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Insights on AWS’ is an AWS Solution that helps advertisers and agencies running campaigns on Amazon Ads to easily deploy AWS services to store, query, analyze, and visualize reporting from the Amazon Marketing Cloud API, reducing development time from weeks to hours. The solution uses AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and DataOps Development Kit (DDK) to provision Amazon S3, AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight, with services pre-configured to run queries in AMC and visualize reports.


implementation time

Within hours instead of weeks, developers can easily provision and deploy pre-configured AWS services to run queries via the Amazon Marketing Cloud API and see reports across their portfolio of campaigns.

campaign metrics

With a few clicks, analysts can run queries and monitor ongoing campaign performance across metrics such as reach and frequency, and dimensions including geographic area, audience segment, and device.

campaign reports

Bring Amazon Marketing Cloud API query results from multiple brand campaigns inside your AWS account across advertising channels such as video, audio, display, and sponsored ads to gain a holistic and in-depth understanding of the customer journey.

Reference architecture

AMC Insights architecture diagram

AWS services included in this solution

Object storage built to retrieve any amount of data from anywhere
Simple, scalable, and serverless data integration
Start querying data instantly. Get results in seconds. Pay only for the queries you run.
Visual workflows for modern applications
Run code without thinking about servers or clusters
Build a secure data lake in days
The Trade Desk

Miq Uses AMC Insights on AWS to Optimize Digital-Marketing Campaigns Running on Amazon Ads

Miq uses AWS in combination with Amazon Marketing Cloud to drive performance of advertising campaigns and lead the future of data-driven marketing.

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Deployment guide

AMC Insights on the AWS Cloud Quick Start Deployment Guide

This guide provides instructions for deploying the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Insights on AWS solution using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) and DataOps Development Kit (DDK).


GitHub code repository

Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights GitHub code repository

Refer to the GitHub repository to view source files, report bugs, submit feature ideas, and post feedback about this Quick Start.

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DataOps Development Kit

DataOps Development Kit (DDK) Core

The DDK Core is a library of CDK constructs that you can use to build data workflows and modern data architecture on AWS, following our best practice.

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Easily deploy AWS services to store, query, analyze, and visualize reporting from the Amazon Marketing Cloud API.