AWS Amplify

Build extensible, full-stack web and mobile apps faster. Easy to start, easy to scale.

Create full-stack apps, frontend UI and backends visually, with authentication, storage, data, and more.

Connect web and mobile apps to new and existing AWS resources in a few lines of code.

Build, deploy, and host static websites, single-page web apps, and server-side rendered apps in just a few clicks.

Access 175+ AWS services to support new use cases, DevOps practices, and user growth.

How it works

AWS Amplify is a set of purpose-built tools and features that lets frontend web and mobile developers quickly and easily build full-stack applications on AWS, with the flexibility to leverage the breadth of AWS services as your use cases evolve. With Amplify, you can configure a web or mobile app backend, connect your app in minutes, visually build a web frontend UI, and easily manage app content outside the AWS console. Ship faster and scale effortlessly—with no cloud expertise needed.
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Intro to AWS Amplify (4:00)
Introduction to AWS Amplify
With AWS Amplify, building feature-rich, full-stack web and mobile apps has never been easier—from development to deployment. Get to market fast and scale as your business grows.
Introduction to AWS Amplify
With AWS Amplify, building feature-rich, full-stack web and mobile apps has never been faster or easier—from development to deployment. Get to market fast and scale as your business grows.


Use AWS Amplify’s tools together or on their own to build and ship an extensible, feature-rich app in days.

Amplify Studio

Visually build a full-stack app, both front-end UI and a backend.

Build an app »

Amplify Libraries

Connect an app to new or existing AWS services (Cognito, S3, and more).

Connect an app »

Amplify CLI

Configure an app backend with a guided CLI workflow.

Configure an app »

Amplify Hosting

Host secure, reliable, fast web apps or websites via the AWS content delivery network.

Host an app »

Use cases

Add user authentication

Use Amplify Studio to set up authentication flows and user controls. Use guided commands to configure email and social sign-up/sign-in, forgot password, and multi-factor authentication workflows.

Learn more about authentication »

Build a powerful backend data model

Use Amplify Libraries and Amplify CLI’s guided workflows to create a cross-platform backend for your web or mobile app with real-time and offline functionality in a few clicks. 

Learn more about data store »

Visually build an app UI and backend

Use Amplify Studio’s visual development environment to quickly build a full-stack app, front-to-back, with minimal coding, while maintaining full control over your app design and behavior.

Learn more about UI environment »

Host a progressive web app or static website

Use Amplify Hosting for fast and secure hosting of modern web apps and websites globally, via the AWS reliable content delivery network (CDN), with hundreds of points of presence globally, custom domains, site monitoring, and more.

Learn more about hosting »


Amplify is loved by the community, making it a top growing, open source project on GitHub, with millions of downloads.
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“Oh come on... AWS Amplify is in another league - That thing gives you super powers 🦸♂️” @victorhazbun


“Been using @AWSAmplify in production for a few months and have to say that it’s pretty much a perfect package. Adding authentication is super easy with it, and building a GraphQL API is such a delight!“ @plahteenlahti


“y’all, AWS Amplify is amazing. Set up a serverless app to do whatever the heck you want in no time and with minimal elbow grease, then live your life #100DayOfCode #womenwhocode #webdev” @ohcatwhy


“Digging into AWS Amplify these past few days has really started to shift my perception of how complicated I felt AWS was, into how powerful it can be.” @zslabs

How to get started

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