Understand the behavior of your web, iOS or Android users. Use auto tracking to track user sessions and web page metrics or create custom user attributes and in-app metrics using Amazon PinPoint. Get access to real time data stream and analyze the data for customer insights and build data driven marketing strategies to drive customer adoption, engagement, and retention.


Make secure HTTP requests to GraphQL and REST endpoints to access, manipulate, and combine data from one or more data sources such Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora Serverless, and your custom data sources with AWS Lambda. Amplify enables you to easily build scalable applications that require real-time updates, local data access for offline scenarios, and data synchronization with customizable conflict resolution when devices are back online.


Create immersive 3D user experiences that improve engagement with your product and brand. Amplify enables access to Amazon Sumerian so that you can integrate 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences in your applications.


Create seamless sign-in, sign up and on-boarding process by leveraging AWS Cognito. Amplify also supports login with a social provider such as Facebook, Google Sign-In, or Login With Amazon and provides fine grained access control to mobile and web applications.


Use a multi-platform (iOS/Android/React Native/Web) on-device persistent storage engine that automatically synchronizes data between mobile/web apps and the cloud, powered by GraphQL. DataStore supports a local first and familiar programming model with automatic versioning, conflict detection, and resolution in the cloud.


Build interactive and engaging conversational bots with the same deep learning technologies that power Amazon Alexa. Amplify leverages Amazon Lex that helps you create great user experiences through chat bots when it comes to tasks such as automated customer chat support, product information/recommendations or streamlining common work activities etc.

Libraries and SDKs

Amplify provides a breadth of libraries and SDKs built for multiple platform such as iOS, Android, and Web enabling access to a wide array of AWS services. You can use these SDKs either with the Amplify Framework which supports escape hatches or in a standalone manner.


Enhance your app by adding AI/ML capabilities, powered by Amazon Machine Learning. You can easily achieve use cases like text translation, speech generation from text, entities recognition in image, interpretation of text, and transcribing text. Amplify enables simplified orchestration of advanced use cases like uploading images for automatic training and using GraphQL directives for chaining multiple AI/ML actions.


Pass messages between your app instances and your backend creating real-time interactive experiences. Amplify provides connectivity with cloud-based message-oriented middleware using AWS IoT and Generic MQTT Over WebSocket Providers.

Push Notifications

Improve customer engagement by using marketing and analytics capabilities. Amplify allows you to leverage customer insights from Amazon PinPoint so you can segment and target your customers more effectively. You can tailor your content and communicate through multiple channels including email, texts as well as push notifications.


Store and manage user generated content such as photos, videos securely on device or in the cloud. Amplify comes with built-in support for Amazon S3 and allows you to leverage cloud scale storage so that you can easily take your application from prototype to production.

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