Extend AWS Amplify with a visual interface, and go from design to feature-rich, full-stack apps faster
AWS Amplify Studio is a visual interface that allows developers to easily build and ship complete web and mobile apps in hours. With Amplify Studio, you can quickly build an app backend, create rich user interface (UI) React components, and connect a UI to the backend in clicks. Amplify Studio exports all UI and infrastructure artifacts as code that you would write yourself, so you can maintain full control over your app design and behavior. Ship faster and scale smoothly—with no cloud or AWS expertise required.
Build pixel-perfect UIs
Convert designs built in Figma to reusable React components, saving you from writing thousands of lines of code.
Set up backend infrastructure in minutes
Create or configure a scalable backend on AWS to complete a full-stack app with a few clicks.
Easily bind UI to data
Visually connect your UI components to your backend data model using a point-and-click interface.
Improve team collaboration
Bridge the gap between design, development, and product with centralized workflows that mitigate costly rework.
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Configure a scalable app backend

Configure a scalable app backend

Visually build a backend

Use the visual interface to define a data model, user authentication, and file storage without backend expertise. 

Extend with AWS services

Easily add AWS services not available within Amplify Studio using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

Use with Amplify Libraries

Connect mobile and web apps to app backends created in Amplify Studio using Amplify Libraries for iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, and web (JavaScript).

Build beautiful React UI forms

Build beautiful React UI forms

Forms built for any API

Amplify Studio generates forms based on your JSON data or GraphQL schema. Studio can also deploy a matching cloud database to forms you created from scratch.

Save time on validation rules

Visually configure common validation rules such as emails and URLs. Use code to add custom validation rules, including validating with external services and APIs.

Extend styling via code

Amplify Studio auto-generated forms are fully customizable in code, so your form adapts to your project—not the other way around.

Accelerate web UI app development

Accelerate web UI app development

Pre-built UI component library

Select from dozens of popular React components—such as newsfeeds, contact forms, e-commerce cards, and primitives (buttons, text fields, alerts, and so on)—and customize them to fit your style guide. 

Figma design-to-code approach

Import designer-built Figma prototypes into Amplify Studio as React code you would write yourself, saving you from writing boilerplate code.

Front-to-back configuration

Visually bind frontend UI components in your layout to data sources in your cloud-connected app backend in a few clicks. Amplify Studio automatically generates the code required to power the UI with real data.

Manage and ship your app

Manage and ship your app

Manage data, files, and users

Let team members manage users and groups, application content, and files outside the AWS Management Console for seamless collaboration. 

Deploy and host with Amplify Hosting

Use with Amplify Hosting to deploy and host any React, Vue.js, or Next.js web app with built-in continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows, testing, pull-request previews, and custom domains.

Supports multiple environments

Easily test and preview your changes in preproduction environments before pushing to production. 

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