AWS IoT ExpressLink customers


AWS IoT ExpressLink helps ēdn transform their indoor gardening products into smart home–enabled devices that keep users connected to nature by alerting them to their plants’ needs.

"We were looking for a quick and easy way to enable robust cloud capabilities for our indoor gardening product lines. However, from past experience we knew that doing so adds significant risk in terms of time, money, and overall go-to-market execution. IoT device connectivity is complex, forcing our team to either outsource the development to a costly third party or allocate internal engineering resources, significantly delaying innovative features that differentiate our offerings in the market. Even a small misstep in the implementation of provisioning, security, or over-the-air functionality can set a product back months. Now, thanks to u-blox’s hardware module with AWS IoT ExpressLink, we can enable secure and reliable cloud connectivity for our devices within days. This not only allows us to accelerate product development, but it ensures our engineering team remains focused on shipping leading-edge technologies that make nature accessible indoors."

Ryan Woltz, Founder and CEO - ēdn


AWS IoT ExpressLink helps Spherag quickly transform agricultural irrigation and nutrition systems into sustainable and innovative devices that can save energy and water, help increase production, and be remotely monitored and controlled.

“We came to AWS and their partners seeking a fast and easy solution to help us connect our intelligent crop irrigation and nutrition systems to the cloud. The challenge was that we needed a secure cellular solution with reliable real-time communications to ensure connectivity and global deployment on rural properties. AWS IoT ExpressLink not only solves our connectivity problem with their cellular-based encrypted solution, but also gives us peace of mind that we can effectively manage device fleet health and security at scale using over-the-air updates and AWS Device Defender. Now we can completely focus on building innovative agriculture products and services without having to worry about the minutiae of IoT device implementation.”

Jesús Ibáñez, Founder and CEO - Spherag

Cardinal Peak

Cardinal Peak, a Colorado-based product engineering services company that specializes in developing connected products in multiple markets, accelerates IoT product prototyping phase with AWS IoT ExpressLink.

“AWS IoT ExpressLink allowed me to put together a WiFi-connected product demo sending sensor data to the cloud in a single afternoon! Secure networking for embedded systems has never been this easy, it's an almost completely transparent interface between my application and AWS, as simple as printing data to a serial port. Being able to do OTA firmware updates through it is a huge value add on. The best part is that I can reuse the same code to make a cellular version, which is unheard of!”

Keegan Landreth, Embedded Software Engineer - Cardinal Peak

Cardinal Peak

dormakaba, a trusted partner for products, solutions, and services for access to buildings and rooms from a single source, values AWS IoT ExpressLink for its ease of use and simplicity.

“AWS IoT ExpressLink has helped us to focus our workload on tailoring our embedded system application, and accelerating our prototyping phase. It really aligns with our goals of having modular designs in our product for flexibility. It’s advancements like this and the innovation speed that can help us build trust and differentiated products for our customers.”

Travis Willis, Product Manager - dormakaba

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