Amazon Athena

Analyze petabyte-scale data where it lives with ease and flexibility

How it works

Amazon Athena is a serverless, interactive analytics service built on open-source frameworks, supporting open-table and file formats. Athena provides a simplified, flexible way to analyze petabytes of data where it lives. Analyze data or build applications from an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) data lake and 25-plus data sources, including on-premises data sources or other cloud systems using SQL or Python. Athena is built on open-source Trino and Presto engines and Apache Spark frameworks, with no provisioning or configuration effort required.

Diagram showing how Amazon Athena queries data from data lakes, warehouses, and other sources, running on premises or in the cloud.

Use cases

Run federated queries

Submit a single SQL query to analyze data in relational, nonrelational, object, and custom data sources running on premises or in the cloud.

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Prepare data for ML models

Use ML models in SQL queries or Python to simplify complex tasks, such as anomaly detection, customer cohort analysis, and sales predictions.

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Build distributed big data reconciliation engines

Deploy a reconciliation tool with an engine built for the cloud to validate vast amounts of data effectively at scale.

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Analyze Google Analytics data

Extract Google Analytics data using Amazon AppFlow, store it in Amazon S3, and then query it.

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How to get started

Access a data-querying tutorial

Learn how to start querying data with Athena.

Get your Athena questions answered

Read more about how to use Athena.

Check out what’s new with Athena

Explore the latest features and what’s next for the service. 

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