AWS Budgets

Improve planning and cost control with flexible budgeting and forecasting

Track your costs, usage, and coverage with custom budgets.

Stay informed on forecasted spend and resource use.

Create custom actions to prevent overages, inefficient resource use, or lack of coverage.

How it works

With AWS Budgets, set custom budgets to track your costs and usage, and respond quickly to alerts received from email or SNS notifications if you exceed your threshold.

Diagram shows how AWS Budgets can help users with budget planning and forecasting through budget creation, alerts, and automated responses.

Use cases

Monitor costs and usage

Set your preferred budget period to daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually, and create specific budget limits.

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Create scheduled reports

Stay informed on how actual or forecasted costs and usage progress toward your budget threshold.

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Respond to thresholds

Set up custom actions to run automatically or through an approval process when a budget target is exceeded.

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How to get started

Check out product features

Dive deeper into cost management and optimization.

Control your AWS costs

Learn how to manage costs using the AWS Free Tier and AWS Budgets.

Create and manage budgets

Set custom budgets that alert you when you exceed your budgeted thresholds.

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