AWS Budgets Pricing

AWS Budgets lets you set custom cost and usage budgets that alert you when your budget thresholds are exceeded (or forecasted to exceed). You can also create budgets to track your aggregate Reservation and Savings Plans utilization and coverage metrics. You can monitor and receive notifications on your budgets free of charge.

In addition to budget monitoring, you can add actions to your budgets to control IAM and Service Control Policy permissions as well as AWS resources when thresholds are exceeded (or forecasted to exceed). Your first two action-enabled budgets are free (regardless of the number of actions you configure per budget) per month. Afterwards each subsequent action-enabled budget will incur a $0.10 daily cost.

AWS Budgets Reports

AWS Budgets Reports allow you to monitor the performance of your budget portfolio on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by receiving an emailed report. Each report delivered will incur a cost of $0.01.