AWS Cloud Financial Management Talks

Join us for online presentations led by Cloud Financial Management experts followed by live Q&A sessions

Why AWS Cloud Financial Management Talks?

AWS Cloud Financial Management (CFM) Talks is a webinar program that will enable you to transform your business with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.  Join our monthly virtual presentations led by Cloud Financial Management experts and have your questions answered on our live Q&A session. 

Use cost allocation strategies to understand your AWS bill

Cost allocation is foundational to making informed decisions to best support business outcomes. In this session, we’ll discuss how you can allocate cloud costs to various company cost centers, get visibility into what is driving spend and usage, increase cost accountability, and learn the right tools to establish your cost allocation strategy.

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Tackling 4 common questions to manage and optimize cloud costs
In this session our experts will answer four common customer questions related to managing and optimizing cloud costs so you can kickstart your optimization efforts with confidence.
Starting your Cloud Financial Management journey
When starting your cloud journey, building a CFM strategy is essential. As your company starts to innovate faster, develop new solutions, and take advantage of the flexible model of the cloud, you need to ensure your CFM setup can handle it all.
Choosing the right tools to optimize your AWS costs
Join us in this CFM Talks webinar to discover AWS tools and services that can help you build and manage cost-efficient workloads, so you can optimize cloud costs savings as you scale on AWS.
Unlocking the potential of AWS Cost Explorer
Dive into the functional capabilities of AWS Cost Explorer to identify specific opportunities for cost savings. We'll run through live demos to equip you with the knowledge you need to replicate these findings in your own portfolio.
Savings Plans and Reserved Instances - What purchase strategy is right for you?
Reserved Instances and Savings Plans are two types of flexible pricing models that can provide you a significant discount compared to On-Demand pricing. But which one should you buy?
How to manage AWS cost and usage during migrations
A successful cloud migration requires you to evolve your existing financial management processes to be cloud ready so you can establish and operate with cost awareness and control.
Get actionable cost insights that align with your business
Learn how to create a strategy that helps you track and allocate your AWS costs, trace cost and usage information back to specific teams, projects, and business initiatives.
Learn how top performers use CFM to improve business outcomes
Learn how to quantify business value, what CFM practices distinguished top-performers from their peers, and how you can start or advance your own CFM initiatives.
Creating an effective metrics strategy for your business
Learn how to establish a sound governance structure, set an overall metric strategy, and evaluate individual KPIs based on your organization’s long term strategic goals.
Simplify your billing process with AWS Billing Conductor
Learn how to customize your AWS account structure, costs sharing, billing, and reporting to simplify your AWS billing and meet your business needs.
9 ways to save and reduce your AWS bill
Learn the concepts of cost optimization and hear how to use AWS services to optimize and save your IT costs.
Getting started with Cloud Financial Management
Learn how AWS can help you transform your business with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.
How to design your AWS cost allocation strategy
Learn the concepts of cost allocation for accountability and which services you can use to implement a cost allocation process.