AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

Automated cost anomaly detection and root cause analysis

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

Reduce cost surprises and enhance control without slowing innovation with AWS Cost Anomaly Detection. AWS Cost Anomaly Detection leverages advanced Machine Learning technologies to identify anomalous spend and root causes, so you can quickly take action. With three simple steps, you can create your own contextualized monitor and receive alerts when any anomalous spend is detected. Let builders build and let AWS Cost Anomaly Detection monitor your spend and reduce the risk of billing surprises.

Get started by creating AWS Cost Anomaly Detection via AWS Cost Explorer API, or directly in the Cost Management Console. Once you set up your monitor and alert preference, AWS will notify you with individual alerts or daily or weekly summary via Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) or emails. You can also monitor and do your own anomaly analysis in AWS Cost Explorer.


Simple 3-step setup to evaluate spend anomalies for all AWS services individually, member accounts, cost allocation tags, or cost categories.

Dive deeper to better understand your cost drivers based on seasonally-aware patterns (e.g. weekly) to minimize false positives.

Define custom anomaly thresholds and receive alerts, either individually or on a daily or weekly cadence.

Quickly visualize daily cost trends in AWS Cost Explorer, automatically filtered to the cost that matters most.

Use cases

Stay informed of spend anomalies through automated detection alert, via email or Amazon SNS topic, at the frequency of your choice. With Amazon SNS topics, you can send alerts to your Slack channel or Amazon Chime chat room to support collaboration and timely resolution of alerts.

Once you have created your cost monitor, you can choose your alerting preference by setting up a dollar threshold (e.g. only alert on anomalies with impact greater than $1,000) . You don’t need to define an anomaly (e.g. percent or dollar increase) as Anomaly Detection does this automatically for you and adjusts over time.

Once cost monitors and alert subscriptions are created, you’re all set! Anomaly Detection will begin to work within 24 hours and you will be notified if any anomaly meets your alert threshold. You can visit your Anomaly Detection dashboard to monitor the activities, including anomalies detected that are below your alert threshold.

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