AWS Supply Chain

Mitigate risks and lower costs with an ML-powered supply chain application


Mitigate overstock and stock-out risks to improve customer experiences while lowering excess inventory costs.
Quickly gain visibility across your supply chain without replatforming, upfront licensing fees, or long-term commitments.
Make more informed supply chain decisions with machine learning (ML)–powered actionable insights.

Use Cases

View the overall health of your supply chain network, and get ML-powered insights about potential inventory risks such as excess stock or stock outs.

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Quickly set up AWS Supply Chain using ML models that understand, extract, and transform disparate data into a unified data lake. 

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Review recommended actions that can mitigate risks, and use built-in contextual collaboration capabilities to agree on and implement decisions faster.

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Generate more accurate demand forecasts to reduce stock outs. Increase demand planning accuracy with ML models that continually improve over time.

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