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Today’s organizations are tasked with managing multiple data types, coming from a wide variety of sources. Faced with massive volumes and heterogeneous types of data, organizations are finding that in order to deliver insights in a timely manner, they need a data storage and analytics solution that offers more agility and flexibility than traditional data management systems. Data Lake is a new and increasingly popular way to store and analyze data that addresses many of these challenges. Data Lake allows an organization to store all of their data, structured and unstructured, in one, centralized repository. Since data can be stored as-is, there is no need to convert it to a predefined schema and you no longer need to know what questions you want to ask of your data beforehand.

  • Collecting and storing any type of data, at any scale and at low costs
  • Securing and protecting all of data stored in the central repository
  • Searching and finding the relevant data in the central repository
  • Quickly and easily performing new types of data analysis on datasets
  • Querying the data by defining the data’s structure at the time of use (schema on read)

Furthermore, a Data Lake isn’t meant to be replace your existing Data Warehouses, but rather complement them. If you’re already using a Data Warehouse, or are looking to implement one, a Data Lake can be used as a source for both structured and unstructured data, which can be easily converted into a well-defined schema before ingesting it into your Data Warehouse. A Data Lake can also be used for ad hoc analytics with unstructured or unknown datasets, so you can quickly explore and discover new insights without the need to convert them into a well-defined schema.




The flexibility of AWS enables you to tailor your approach for architecting a Data Lake. Whether building your Data Lake yourself, or leveraging the skills and expertise of an APN Partner to implement one for you, AWS provides a complete platform for getting started. AWS provides you with secure infrastructure and offers a number of scalable, cost-effective storage, data management, and analytics services to turn heterogeneous data into new meaningful insights. Hosting your Data Lake on AWS gives you access to the most complete platform for Big Data.

To find out more about Data Lakes on AWS and how they can help your organization drive business value, download our eBook:

  • Store all of your data, regardless of volume or format, using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • Easily ingest data in a variety of ways, including leveraging Amazon Kinesis, AWS Import/Export Snowball, AWS Direct Connect, and more.
  • Leverage all of the benefits of AWS including security, flexibility, and a reduced TCO.
  • Take advantage of AWS’s deep suite of Big Data analytics services to drive new insights that help you create business value.
  • Easily encrypt all of the data in your AWS-based Data Lake.
  • Achieve PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulatory compliance standards with help from AWS

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