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Using analytics to improve video playback quality with Amazon IVS

This blog is co-authored by Igor Oreper and James Varndell, Bitmovin, and Anthony Vu and Kayla Jing, AWS. Overview Capturing and retaining the attention of viewers is a growing challenge for content distributors. Investing in interactive content can keep more viewers engaged for longer; however, this additional investment may not pay off if viewers experience […]

AWS Thinkbox Deadline adds multi-regional support to Spot Event Plugin

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced AWS Thinkbox Deadline release 10.2.1 that includes the addition of AWS multi-regional support to the Spot Event Plugin, which allows Deadline customers to easily scale rendering by launching and managing Spot Fleets in multiple AWS regions from a single Spot Event Plugin. Introduction In order to leverage the elasticity […]

AWS solutions honored at NAB 2023

The National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) 2023 may be winding down, but the technological advancements on display at the show this year will continue to spur conversation for months to come. Cloud-based innovation in media and entertainment (M&E) was top of mind across the Las Vegas Convention Center halls, and especially at the Amazon […]

FanDuel enriches OTT video content using the Nomad Platform and AWS

Sportsbook and online gaming company FanDuel Group (FanDuel) saw a growing need to provide rich metadata, flexible viewing options, and low-latency video delivery for its live streaming and on-demand content across multiple devices. The company turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to unlock the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud services. FanDuel used Nomad, […]

Connect your on-premises multicast video network to the cloud with AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway, a new cloud-connected software application to transmit live video between on-premises multicast networks and AWS. Part of AWS Media Services, MediaConnect Gateway improves operations in hybrid environments, providing monitoring, security, and management of video feeds from the AWS Management Console. With MediaConnect Gateway, customers can […]

Live stream interface 2.

SmileShark helps K-pop fans keep singing with live streaming on Amazon IVS

SmileShark, a Korean cloud consulting firm operating as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), specializes in the refinement of clients’ cloud strategies and technologies through the implementation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and services. SmileShark has completed more than 500 successful projects to date, including cloud migrations, architecture consulting, managed services, and cloud modernization, for […]

Stream with Evertz SaaS playout platform

This blog was coauthored by Martin Whittaker (Evertz), Jeremy Blythe (Evertz), and Noor Hassan (Amazon Web Services). Introduction  Driven by industry-wide transformation, broadcasters, content owners, and content creators continue to reinvent ways of creating and sharing content in pursuit of greater efficiencies and faster and more effective processes. Evertz, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, recently […]

Back to basics: conditional access vs. digital rights management

In this blog, technologies used to protect content from unauthorized access in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) video delivery domain are discussed and presented in laymen’s terms. To start, let’s answer the question: Why is D2C content protection needed in the first place? Premium video content production is a complex and expensive process. Large budgets are dedicated […]

Optimizing video delivery and cache efficiency using CORS headers and Amazon CloudFront

Customers often ask how to achieve a high cache efficiency when streaming video to a wide range of devices at scale through a Content Delivery Network (CDN).  Specifically, when the client application is delivered from one endpoint (origin A), and the video content itself is delivered from a second endpoint (origin B). This type of […]

Learn about IoT integration and server-side ad insertion with AWS Media Services

Overview This blog helps Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who want to monetize exclusive, but simple-to-set-up, IoT video feeds using server-side ad insertion (SSAI) powered by AWS Media Services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). For example, an exotic dog breed kennel club that nurtures rare and magnificent dog species may choose to showcase its residents on a […]