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Stream with Evertz SaaS playout platform

This blog was coauthored by Martin Whittaker (Evertz), Jeremy Blythe (Evertz), and Noor Hassan (Amazon Web Services). Introduction  Driven by industry-wide transformation, broadcasters, content owners, and content creators continue to reinvent ways of creating and sharing content in pursuit of greater efficiencies and faster and more effective processes. Evertz, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, recently […]

Back to basics: conditional access vs. digital rights management

In this blog, technologies used to protect content from unauthorized access in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) video delivery domain are discussed and presented in laymen’s terms. To start, let’s answer the question: Why is D2C content protection needed in the first place? Premium video content production is a complex and expensive process. Large budgets are dedicated […]

Optimizing video delivery and cache efficiency using CORS headers and Amazon CloudFront

Customers often ask how to achieve a high cache efficiency when streaming video to a wide range of devices at scale through a Content Delivery Network (CDN).  Specifically, when the client application is delivered from one endpoint (origin A), and the video content itself is delivered from a second endpoint (origin B). This type of […]

Learn about IoT integration and server-side ad insertion with AWS Media Services

Overview This blog helps Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who want to monetize exclusive, but simple-to-set-up, IoT video feeds using server-side ad insertion (SSAI) powered by AWS Media Services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). For example, an exotic dog breed kennel club that nurtures rare and magnificent dog species may choose to showcase its residents on a […]

An image of two screens: a phone on the left displaying a view of three participants publishing to a stage, and a browser window on the right showing a composite of the stage being broadcasted to an IVS channel. An arrow connects the two screens, pointing from a "Start Streaming" button on the phone screen to the browser window.

Add multiple hosts to live streams with Amazon IVS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS), a managed live streaming solution that enables developers to build interactive video experiences, in 2020. Developers now use Amazon IVS to build apps across many verticals including social networking, ecommerce, and fitness. Collaborative live streaming has emerged as a key trend since the Amazon […]

Quick turnaround of live broadcast media for VOD

Introduction Monetizing content with commercials is an essential way for broadcasters to increase revenue. Broadcast content is segmented with markers defining advertising breaks and ad windows. These ad markers are used to insert commercials for display to viewers. After an initial live broadcast, recorded content can be further monetized by using previously aired commercials or […]

How to improve user engagement with real-time AR effects using BytePlus Effects and Amazon IVS

This blog post was co-authored by Chen Xiaoyu, ML Solution Director at BytePlus, Hao Chen at AWS, and Tian Shi at AWS. According to Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report, video content accounted for more than 65% of all internet traffic in 2022. This number is up 24% from 2021 and is set to increase with […]

ITN advances live cloud-based content production and delivery with AWS

The stakes run high when producing and delivering daily news for UK media stalwarts like Independent Television News (ITV), Channel 4, and Channel 5, making technological innovation a priority at Independent Television News (ITN). The award-winning production company services these clients, among others, in bringing live news and events, documentaries, sports matches, and other digital […]

Venera Technologies automates QC advances in the cloud

This blog post is co-authored by Brian Kenworthy and Jason Dvorkin at AWS, and Fereidoon Khosravi at Venera. Quality control (QC) checks have always been a critical step in media supply chain workloads. Today, with the shift to cloud-based workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the QC process has evolved from on-premises desktop software to […]

How the PGA TOUR is changing the media asset management game

Managing a media archive is no easy feat. Hollywood studios have spent years managing large archives containing feature films, episodic television, and, in some cases, animated content. When you consider content that appears beyond the screen, such as promotional materials to support the next blockbuster, the volume of content grows. A similar challenge holds true […]