AWS BugBust

It's game over for bugs

Join the world’s first global competition for Java and Python developers to collectively fix 1 million bugs. Eliminate software errors and save millions of dollars using Amazon CodeGuru, and win prizes and glory in the first annual AWS BugBust Challenge. Let the bug busting begin!

Learn about AWS BugBust from Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO (3:55)

Transform your bug bash into an AWS BugBust

AWS BugBust provides an easy and fun solution to transform bug bashes, foster team building, and bring friendly competition to improve your code quality and application performance. To help you find and exterminate bugs, AWS BugBust utilizes ML-powered developer tools - Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer and Amazon CodeGuru Profiler - to automatically scan your code to weed out gnarly bugs and gamifies fixing and eliminating them.

You can set up private AWS BugBust virtual events quickly and easily in the AWS Console, with built-in leaderboards, challenges, and rewards. BugBusters (your developers) from around the world join your BugBust events to fix as many bugs as possible, score points, and to contribute to busting 1 million bugs in the AWS BugBust Challenge. BugBusters earn badges and rewards as they climb the leaderboard. Join the mission to exterminate 1 million bugs today.

Start busting now

Get started by going head-to-head with your teammates in your own private AWS BugBust events. Your points and bug count are automatically added to the AWS BugBust Challenge global leaderboard where you will compete to be one of the top 10 BugBusters, and contribute to the global challenge to fix 1 million bugs and save $100M in tech debt, globally. The more events you run, the more points, rewards and, prizes you can win for busting bugs. 

Step 1

Step 1: Create your AWS BugBust event

Nominate an administrator from your organization to set up your AWS BugBust event. In just a few clicks, you can create your own challenges, invite named participants, and communicate your prizes. From there, use Amazon CodeGuru to scan your code to quickly find the swarm of bugs ready for your team to start busting.

Step 2

Step 2: Calling BugBusters

Once you create an event, AWS BugBust will send an email link to your team to create individual BugBuster profiles in the AWS Console – this is where bugs busted, points scored, and milestone achievements are logged. The BugBust event dashboard is where you’ll view the bugs ready for busting and points scored by your team of BugBusters.

Step 3

Step 3: Bust bugs and score points

The clock starts ticking as soon as a bug is claimed and the race is on to fix as many bugs as possible in your event. Each time developers fix a bug and save money, they will score points to climb their organization’s private BugBust leaderboard and see how they rank among their teammates. Higher points are awarded for higher severity bugs. The more points scored the higher up the event leaderboard they will climb, until you stop the clock and crown the winning BugBuster. 

Step 4

Step 4: Win prizes in the global challenge

At the end of your BugBust event, each BugBuster’s total number of bugs fixed and cost savings will be added to the global AWS BugBust leaderboard, making them eligible for profile badges and exclusive prizes. 

Join the mission to exterminate 1 million bugs!

As you bust your bugs, you become part of the mission to fix 1 million bugs, globally. In addition to tracking points on the global leaderboard, the Global BugJar will track the total number of bugs that have been fixed worldwide. You can celebrate your contributions, earning badges and exclusive prizes the more bugs you bust!

Global BugJar

Milestone rewards & Prizes

Step 4

Earn 100 points and win an AWS BugBust Century Club T-shirt

Step 4

Earn 2,000 points and win an AWS BugBust Varsity Jacket

Step 4

Earn 10,000 points and win an AWS BugBust Trophy

NextRoll debuts AWS BugBust to eliminate software bugs

Follow AWS customer NextRoll as they host their first AWS BugBust. NextRoll engineers and data scientists get 6 hours to find and fix software bugs in their code base. Who will climb the leaderboard and take the 1st place prize?

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Start busting bugs today!

To get started, simply log into the AWS Console and with just a few clicks, developers from around the world
can join the challenge by creating an AWS BugBust event for their organization. It's game on for BugBusters and game over for Bugs!