Synchronizing technical and business transformation

How FuturMaster worked with AWS to build a powerful new SaaS product for all new customers

FuturMaster is a software vendor focusing on Supply Chain Planning, Integrated Business Planning/S&OP, and Trade Promotions X (Management and Optimization) solutions. Their uniqueness lies in a combination of technology, data, and business expertise. They leverage their Bloom platform and build best fit solutions to maximize customer value creation for more than 600 customers in 90 countries.

Making more happen

Wanting to build a powerful new SaaS product for all new customers, FuturMaster worked with AWS to shift the way their business operates. Critical to achieving this, they have  embraced automation and created a Cloud Center of Excellence. FuturMaster now has a happier, more motivated workforce working in more powerful, easier-to-manage, and more scalable IT environments.

Adapting to accelerate

FuturMaster relied on the performance benefits of AWS’ dedicated servers and internally they worked to create a Cloud Center of Excellence to drive best practice across the organization. They worked to adapt FuturMaster’s business model and financial offerings to AWS SaaS, enabling costs to be optimized through greater cooperation between teams.

"As well as leveraging serverless to provide more value to our customers and innovate on the  way we deliver that value, we’re now able to deliver our environments in two hours compared to the days it used to take.”

- Gilles Lefebvre, Chief Product and R&D Officer

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How AWS helped FuturMaster launching a SaaS solution