Modernize application development with AWS

Discover best practices for modern app development with APN Partners

Stimulate innovation and deliver new value to your customers by modernizing your application delivery process. AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners can help you implement various development models and adopt a culture to get the most out of these new practices. Learn more about how AWS customers are using microservices and serverless technologies with APN Partner solutions to gain a competitive edge today.  



Microservices enable you to develop and deliver new features faster by breaking monolithic architectures into individual components. Since each component can scale independently, your organization can move faster, and you can reduce costs by more easily right-sizing infrastructure.



Serverless architectures are proving to be a more cost-effective and agile means of developing applications. Because you don’t pay for idle server time, you can significantly reduce costs. And, IT teams are no longer spending their time managing servers, so they can stay focused on things that create great applications.


Evolve Development Practices

Evolving your development practices to be more agile and nimble is key to staying competitive in an era where software is closer to the center of most industries than it ever has been. By adopting agile methodologies and a DevOps culture, you can innovate faster and at a lower cost.

Creating A Modern Development Culture

Modernizing your application development can help you stay ahead of your competition by increasing the speed of innovation and driving greater agility across your organization. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how APN Partners can help you modernize your application development on AWS.

Deliver Excellence with Microservices on AWS

Implementing modern application development practices can enable you to drastically reduce time to market and improve software quality. Hear from AWS about how customers are using microservices and serverless technologies to build a competitive edge during our upcoming webinar.

Benefits of modern application development


Faster Innovation

Innovate faster by letting your developers focus on building applications instead of managing infrastructure. By taking an iterative approach to software development, developers can incorporate features most important to customers and push them quickly to production.



Increase agility across your entire organization by enabling your development teams to rapidly provision cloud resources. Having these resources available on-demand drastically reduces development cycles and makes it easier to experiment.


Cost Efficiency

Reduce costs by utilizing a combination of new development methodologies, such as serverless computing and containers. By doing so, you can offload time-consuming infrastructure management activities leading to shorter, more cost-effective development cycles.

Leverage APN Partners

Looking to accelerate your development modernization efforts on AWS? APN Partners can provide services including architectural guidance, migration assistance, and management of your new AWS environment. For the latest third-party development tools, leverage APN Technology and Consulting Partners.


Datadog provides full visibility into the health and performance of all your applications, wherever they run. Combining real-time metrics from servers, containers, databases, and applications with end-to-end tracing and log management, Datadog delivers actionable alerts and powerful visualizations to provide full-stack observability.
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HashiCorp Cloud Infrastructure Automation Consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.
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PCF on AWS is a cloud-native platform for building and running applications at scale. Using open source technology, PCF empowers organizations to rapidly and efficiently deliver new code.
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Adopt leading automation tools and methodologies on a reliable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure to foster innovation, reduce time-to-market, and realize cost savings. Automate provisioning and configuration with leading DevOps solutions, and leverage Slalom’s innovative orchestration pipeline to create new AWS accounts with automated compliance and security requirements built in.
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Spotinst Elastigroup a simple and fast way to run containerized applications on AWS. No instances to manage, no cluster to operate, empowering DevOps and developers to build, run and scale applications with ease.
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Dynatrace makes it easy to monitor and run cloud environments and is the only AI-powered, full stack, and automated monitoring platform that provides deep insight into every user, transaction, and application.

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Onica presents the DevOps on AWS: Immersion day – an engaging, tech driven event focused on helping teams accelerate their DevOps journey.
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Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift is a leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid environments, optimized for developer productivity and frictionless innovation.
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The Splunk platform provides container monitoring and logging solutions to provide workload visibility no matter where you deploy, including Splunk Connect for Kubernetes on EKS and Splunk’s Lambda blueprints and docker images for Fargate and ECS.

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