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AWS Partners provide tools and expertise that can boost the speed and reliabiliy of your modernization journey.

Build your roadmap to modernization with our partners

The journey of modernization looks different for every organization, and it's often difficult to know where to start. Working with a trusted AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner enables your business to draw on a wealth of experience that not only helps to overcome challenges, but can also accelerate your pace of modernization. AWS Partners have expertise in refactoring monolithic applications to microservices, adopting and thriving with a serverless operational model, transforming your culture with small autonomous teams, and more.



As a leading cloud solutions provider, Cloudreach has a unique approach to solving customer challenges. Across their outcome-driven consulting and managed services, it’s their software, application focus, and cloud culture that makes the difference. Cloudreach helps you close the gap between what your current applications can do and what AWS makes them capable of.

Webinar: Solving the Pitfalls of a Monolithic Application with Microservices

Microservices is an architectural style focused on increasing agility and reducing the risk of change. Learn how Cloudreach helps solve the pitfalls of a monolithic application with microservices. This webinar reviews container and serverless architectures and outlines a reference architecture on AWS using Fargate.



mLogica is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specializing in application modernization, cyber security, big data, database management, and more. Through automation and machine learning tools, mLogica can accelerate your cloud migration and enable you to maximize the value of the cloud through a modernization strategy.

Webinar: How to Accelerate your Application Modernization Timeline Up to 70%

Discover best practices for eliminating dependencies on commercial databases and transitioning to purpose-built database services on AWS. Learn how to reduce your modernization timeline up to 70% by leveraging automation and machine learning – accelerating delivery time to customers. 



Onica, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, focuses on building cloud native applications that take advantage of advanced AWS services such as serverless computing and containers. Onica helps you re-engineer your applications using serverless technologies, focusing on improving performance, availability and scalability while using automation techniques ensuring easy, reliable and repeatable deployments.

Webinar: Serverless Application Development with AWS Fargate & AWS Lambda

Free developers from the burden of managing servers and operating systems. Learn how Onica, helps you build, test, and deploy applications with lower fixed costs and no single point of failure using AWS Serverless offerings, AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate.




Rackspace is a recognized Gartner Magic Quadrant leader and AWS Premier Consulting Partner that accelerates the value of the cloud during every phase of digital transformation. By managing apps, data, security and clouds, Rackspace helps you get to the cloud, innovate with technology and maximize investments.

Webinar: Simplifying Container Adoption with a Managed Amazon EKS Environment

Application modernization through container adoption is an important step towards realizing greater business agility and growth. Learn how Rackspace has helped customers overcome these challenges with a managed Amazon EKS environment using a Well Architected Framework that enables you to modernize apps with scalability, resilience and security.



Virtusa is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner committed to accelerating business outcomes through cloud-led, enterprise business transformation. With deep industry expertise and knowledge of application development best-practices, Virtusa accelerates the movement of ISV applications to AWS, so they can simplify the deployment and management of services for their customers.

Webinar: Reach New Customers through Application Modernization

Many companies are saddled with legacy databases that are both expensive and time consuming to maintain. In this webinar Virtusa outlines the benefits of a modern database like Amazon Aurora, explains how to start your database migration, and how you can reach new customers through a modern architecture.