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The best preparation for AWS Certification exams is practical experience. We recommend one or more years of hands-on experience using AWS. We also offer training and materials to help you prepare. Select your exam below to browse our recommended preparation paths.

Foundational AWS Certification

Cloud Practitioner

Cloud Practitioner

Learn cloud fundamentals and best practices

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Associate AWS Certifications


Solutions Architect - Associate

Learn to design highly available systems

Get started with the Architect path

Developer - Associate

Learn to develop applications for the cloud

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Cloud Practitioner

SysOps Administrator - Associate

Learn to automate applications, networks, and systems

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Professional AWS Certifications


Solutions Architect - Professional

Build complex solutions with data services, governance, and security

Get started with the Architect path

DevOps Engineer - Professional

Use DevOps practices to develop and maintain AWS applications

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Specialty AWS Certifications


Advanced Networking - Specialty

Design and implement AWS architectures

  •  Exam guide and sample questions

    See the concepts covered on the exam to get a blueprint of what you need to study.

    View the AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty Exam Guide.

    Exam sample questions help you check your knowledge and pinpoint concepts and areas requiring more study.

  •  Official exam study guide

    The official exam study guide for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty exam is written by AWS experts. This book prepares you to demonstrate your networking skills in an examination setting, covering exam objectives while guiding you through hands-on exercises based on situations you'll likely encounter once you’re AWS Certified in Advanced Networking. From designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based solutions using AWS to leveraging tools to automate AWS networking tasks, this guide will help you internalize the processes and best practices associated with AWS.

  •  Exam readiness training

    Prepare for your AWS Certification exam with exam readiness training by AWS. We’ll teach you how to interpret exam questions and allocate your study time. Our training is developed by us, so content is current with the latest best practices. Our Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty course is offered in classroom or free digital training formats. The course reviews sample exam questions in each topic area, and covers advanced networking concepts to help you prepare for the exam.

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Get started with the Advanced Networking path

Big Data - Specialty

Design and implement AWS services to derive value from data

Get started with the Big Data path
Cloud Practitioner

Security - Specialty

Learn processes and best practices for securing the AWS platform

Get started with the Security path

Machine Learning - Specialty

Build and tune machine learning models on AWS

Get started with the Machine Learning paths

Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty

Develop skills for Alexa devices

Get started with the Alexa Skill Builder path