Acquia is the open source digital experience company that empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter.

"Acquia uses AWS Secrets Manager to secure and distribute secrets that our customers use to access sensitive data from Amazon EKS containers. We chose AWS Secrets Manager because of its best in class security, high availability, reliability, and scale. AWS Secrets Manager provides us with a fully managed solution that can grow with our needs, so we can focus our people and resources on building features that delight our customers."

Jake Farrell, Senior Director of Engineering - Acquia


Ancestry ® empowers journeys of personal discovery to enrich lives.

“Ancestry uses AWS Secrets Manager to protect and securely manage credentials for application services and databases. We chose AWS Secrets Manager because it provides an abstraction layer between our code and actual credentials. AWS Secrets Manager provides us with encryption using AWS Key Management Service, secrets rotation, and limited access to credentials all within a simple interface.”

Scott Arveseth, Manager, Information Security - Ancestry


Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with our software.

"Modern analytics are fundamental for a lot of what we do at Autodesk, and ensuring the security of that vital data is incredibly important. Using AWS Secrets Manager, we are able to securely deliver database credentials digitally into our analytics pipelines, which really elevated the security without sacrificing speed and were able to deliver meaningful insights to our customers."

Sai Chaitanya Tirumerla, Senior Software Engineer - Autodesk


Capital One has been a disrupter in the financial services industry since 1994, using technology to transform banking and payments.

"Capital One utilizes the robust features of AWS Secrets Manager to deploy a centralized solution for managing secrets, and to meet compliance requirements. Capital One is able to deploy a solution that manages millions of secrets spread across thousands of AWS accounts by leveraging key capabilities such as Service Control Policies, Resource Policy, Automatic Rotation, and Attribute Based Access Controls."

Chris Schultz, Senior Director, Enterprise IAM - Authorization - Capital One


Clevy, an AI company, bridges the gap between human-computer interactions by creating simple and easy-to-use, conversational engines.

"We use AWS Secrets Manager to manage and rotate the secrets needed by our pipelines, enabling us to innovate and deploy enterprise-ready applications quickly and securely."

François Falala-Sechet, CTO - Clevy

GBM Logo

Since 1938, Fannie Mae has provided a reliable source of affordable mortgage financing across the country. Fannie Mae supports renters, homebuyers, and homeowners by creating solutions that expand access to affordable housing opportunities. In 2022, Fannie Mae enabled the financing of approximately 2.6 million home purchases, refinancing, and rental units.

“Fannie Mae leverages AWS Secrets Manager to secure all types of credentials ranging from API keys to service account credentials, database credentials, and third-party credentials. Secrets Manager replication capability helps to provide resiliency to the application and system secrets. Fannie Mae uses the rotation capability in Secrets Manager as part of security best practices to regularly rotate secrets, along with using the access control, auditing, and monitoring capabilities. Secrets Manager makes it easy for us to automate the entire lifecycle of secrets and helps us meet our strict security and compliance requirements."

Raj Parthaje, Information Security Technology, Architecture, Fellow and Ade Oseni-Adegbite, Information Security Technology, Identity Access Management, Director - Fannie Mae

GBM Logo

GBM sees their role as the main promoter of domestic and foreign investment in Mexico. Their investment philosophy is based on the value and potential of Mexico and its companies.

“Our applications rely on secrets to securely access sensitive resources and demonstrate identity. As a fundamental dependency, we need our secrets management solution to be secure, reliable, and highly available. With AWS Secrets Manager, we can conveniently rotate our secrets using blue/green deployments, and synchronize secrets across multiple regions for redundancy. “

José Guillermo Ayala Gonzalez, Director of Site Reliability Engineering - GBM


General Electric (GE), a leader in industrial manufacturing for more than a century, combines world-class engineering to help the world work more efficiently, reliably, and safely.

"GE uses AWS Secrets Manager to securely store, manage, and retrieve secrets used by multiple enterprise cloud applications across several AWS Services, including AWS Root credentials. We use Secrets Manager because it is easy to use, encrypts our secrets by default, and provides native integration with several AWS Services like RDS, Redshift, and Lambda."

Matthew Green, Senior Director of Cloud Architecture (CoreTech & Cyber) - GE


GoDaddy is the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs. With more than 20 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their ideas, build a professional website, attract customers, and manage their work.

"We like to use Secrets Manager where we need to store secrets and credentials to use 3rd Party APIs and create database connections, for example. It encrypts by default and allows us to programmatically create, manage, and rotate credentials, and provides fine-grained access control. We can also easily monitor and audit credentials for compliance around the world."

Silas Boyd-Wickizer, Senior Director Of Engineering - GoDaddy


iTom is a software development company based in Romania that creates innovative SaaS solutions to help the digitalization efforts of its customers. iTom uses AWS Secrets Manager, which helps protect secrets needed to access applications, services, and IT resources, to secure login credentials for its staff. Using AWS Secrets Manager combined with segregated IAM roles and single sign-on (SSO) services, iTom ensures traceability and prevents unauthorized access of customer data.

“We wanted to use the latest cloud technologies to simplify our administrative tasks and address concerns regarding data leakage and data loss. We needed to protect customer data to the highest possible level of confidence, and we’ve achieved that using AWS.”

Valeriu Filip, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), iTom


Mercado Libre strives to democratize commerce and financial services to transform the lives of millions of people in Latin America.

"At Mercado Libre, we leverage AWS Secrets Manager to securely manage a dynamic and expanding collection of secrets, which includes API keys and application secrets. Our trust in AWS Secrets Manager's security and its seamless scalability aligns with our exponential data growth. With the ability to efficiently manage secret lifecycles, replicate secrets across multiple AWS regions, and support the demands of our multi-region applications. AWS Secrets Manager plays a significant role in our secret management strategy, allowing us to focus on delivering value to our users."

Diego Delgado, Cloud and Platform Application Services Head - Mercado Libre


Onfido is setting the new standard for digital access, enabling businesses to digitally prove a user's real identity using AI by verifying a photo ID and comparing it to the person's facial biometrics.

"We use containers extensively, and rely on AWS Secrets Manager to deliver secrets consistently at scale. Secrets Manager reduces our management overhead by making it easy to automate the entire lifecycle of secrets, and helps us meet our strict security and compliance requirements."

Eugene Malihins, Sr. DevOps Engineer - Onfido


Rover was founded in 2011 in Seattle and is the world’s largest and most trusted network of five-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

"We chose AWS because AWS is the leader in the cloud space and has an ecosystem of services that work well with each other. When AWS launched Secrets Manager, a service that tightly integrates with the AWS ecosystem, we made the decision to replace our existing solution. Getting started was easy because Secrets Manager uses the same access control, auditing, and monitoring capabilities that we are already familiar with. Secrets Manager has served us well for more than two years now, making sure that our secrets are available, durable, and secured."

Jessica Kim, TPM, Cloud Engineering Solutions - Rover


Securiti enables enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, compliance and privacy risks.

"Securiti leverages AWS Secrets Manager as part of its Data Command Center solution, which provides complete intelligence and controls over data across hybrid multi-cloud. AWS Secrets Manager stores API keys, API endpoints, and third-party credentials enabling us to tightly control access and maintain our high security standards. Securiti regularly rotates keys in AWS Secrets Manager providing industry leading secret lifecycle management capabilities. With the built-in scalability of AWS Secrets Manager, Securiti is assured that their service will always be available."

Srinivas Avasarala, VP Products - Securiti

Stackery streamlines, optimizes, and revolutionizes the commerce sector by delivering advanced data solutions that enhance the ordering process, ensuring it is more transparent and effective for both retailers and wholesalers.

"We entrust AWS Secrets Manager with the critical task of securing and managing the sensitive credentials needed to access a myriad of wholesale offer information. We have confidently selected AWS Secrets Manager as our secrets vault of choice, assured by its top-tier security measures that ensure all sensitive data is meticulously stored and safeguarded against compromise. This peace of mind allows us and our users to conduct business with the certainty that our collective data integrity is preserved.”

Marcin Rabenda, Co-Founder, CTO - 


Stackery runs a service to enable customers to stitch together AWS services in order to build production-ready, serverless applications quickly.

"Our service uses and offers AWS Secrets Manager to manage all the confidential data that these applications need to operate securely. We chose Secrets Manager because it stores secrets securely with fine-grained access policies, auto-scales to handle traffic spikes, and is straightforward to query at runtime. Secrets Manager not only positions us to raise our security profile, it also makes security simple for our customers – which is how we like to do business."

Chase Douglas, CTO - Stackery

Swiggy Logo

Swiggy is India's leading on-demand delivery platform and aims to be the most accessible platform on the network - hyperlocal, horizontal, and across categories.

“To ensure our security and operational reliability keeps pace with our rapid growth, and to rotate secrets without new code deployments, we made the decision to use a managed secrets solution. We chose AWS Secrets Manager for its security, availability, and reliability. Using AWS Secrets Manager, we have reduced secret sprawl and are managing secrets at scale, and are on a path to deepen and broaden automated creation, management, monitoring, and rotation of all our secrets.”

Anurodh Kanchan, VP of Engineering - Swiggy 


Teradata delivers the power, flexibility, and scalability modern organizations need to thrive in a hybrid multi-cloud environment. As a cloud data analytics platform, Teradata Vantage enables companies to start small and elastically scale compute or storage, pay only for what is used, harness low-cost object stores, and integrate data and analytic workloads.

"Teradata leverages AWS Secrets Manager for Vantage on AWS to store API keys, API endpoints, and third-party credentials. Teradata regularly rotates keys in Secrets Manager as part of security best practices, along with using appropriate access policies to maintain a high level of security for our as-a-service customers. With the built-in scalability of Secrets Manager, Teradata is assured that their service will always be available."

Craig Schechter, Architect - Teradata Vantage on AWS


Zoom helps businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a frictionless environment to get more done. Their easy, reliable cloud platform for video, voice, content sharing, and chat runs across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

"We use AWS Secrets Manager to store our secrets used by our applications on AWS and on-premises. We trust AWS Secrets Manager to manage our secrets as it scales quickly to meet our ever-increasing workloads and provides us with the best in the industry secret lifecycle management capabilities. Secrets Manager also allows us to tightly control access and audit our secrets to meet our high security bar. With Secrets Manager we are confident in the security of our secrets, allowing us to spend more time building new features that our customers love.”

Yasin Mohammed, Engineering Manager - Zoom Video Communications

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