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AWS re:Invent 2023

BMW Group at AWS re:Invent 2023

In this AWS re:Invent 2023 keynote video, Stephan Durach, senior vice president Connected Company Development and Technical Operations, at BMW Group, discusses how the company uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology to transform automotive experiences. The BMW Group, known for best-in-class luxury vehicles, uses a broad relationship across Amazon and AWS services to enhance every aspect of car design and functionality.

The BMW Group’s portfolio is underpinned by Amazon and AWS technology, which powers more than 1,000 microservices that process more than 12 billion requests per day—while achieving 99.95 percent reliability.

BMW Group uses AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2) for virtual development and testing of its infotainment system, Amazon SageMaker for its machine learning powered automated driving platform, and Amazon Redshift for its central data lake, Cloud Data Hub.  

BMW Group also uses Amazon technology including integrations with Alexa and Fire TV to create unique customer experiences inside the vehicle. With a focus on cloud-vehicle interaction, the BMW Group’s backend services, including its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Connected Vehicle & AI platform, use massive amounts of data to deliver personalized customer experiences. These technological advancements underscore BMW’s journey toward a software-defined vehicle vision, driving innovation in the automotive industry.


Automotive product complexity is strongly increasing and development speed is essential. Using a broad relationship across Amazon and AWS, we are providing game-changing vehicle entertainment experiences, mastering data, and accelerating the development cycle across the entire portfolio from BMW to MINI to deliver best-in-class experiences to our customers.”

Stephan Durach
Senior Vice President Connected Company Development and Technical Operations, BMW Group

About BMW Group

The BMW Group migrated its on-premises data lake to AWS to gain the agility and flexibility it needs to scale and support users across the globe, and empower teams to build innovative customer experiences. It leverages automation, serverless, and other AWS solutions to speed data processing and accelerate its digital transformation.

Customer Speaker: Stephan Durach

Stephan Durach, BMW

Stephan Durach, an electrical engineering graduate from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, joined BMW Group in 1998. His career at BMW began in software processes, leading him through various roles in the electronics division. In 2008, he became the Head of Technology Office in the USA. Returning to BMW headquarters in 2011, he assumed leadership roles in entertainment, mobile devices, and app centers, eventually overseeing electronics for the luxury class. Over the years, he expanded his responsibilities to include purchasing for information and communications electronics, ConnectedDrive, and the entire electric/electronic portfolio. From 2017 to 2020, he served as Senior Vice President in Purchasing and Supplier Network Digital, and since October 2020, he holds the position of Senior Vice President Connected Company in the Development Department.

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