Carro optimises pricing and operations with AI/ML


Carro, one of Southeast Asia's largest auto marketplace, is offering a full-stack service across the car ownership lifecycle - entirely online. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-powered technology to transform and elevate the car buying and selling experience. With the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS), it leverages Amazon Sagemaker, a machine learning solution, to check the car's condition. It also uses Amazon SageMaker to identify vehicles via computer vision and optimise pricing. This lets Carro provide customers with a fair, transparent, and efficient shopping experience. In addition, to grow the pool of data scientists and machine learning specialists in Singapore, Carro has teamed up with AWS to launch the Carro x AWS scholarship, equipping the next generation of Data Science and Machine Learning talent with relevant cloud skills.

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Carro optimises pricing and operations with AI/ML | Amazon Web Services

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