Fannie Mae Uses AWS for Insights and Innovations in the Mortgage Process


Fannie Mae—the common name of the Federal National Mortgage Association—is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve the mortgage process and advance greater equity in housing. In this video, Kimberly Johnson, executive vice president and chief operating officer discusses how Fannie Mae uses a suite of AWS solutions, from serverless computing to data analytics, to effectively manage risk and tackle big challenges in housing. Fannie Mae uses advanced machine learning from Amazon SageMaker to address a number of challenges, including housing during the COVID-19 pandemic, expanding access to underserved communities, and building resilience in the face of climate change. To help enhance and expand its automated underwriting engine, Fannie Mae uses Amazon Kinesis capabilities to collect, process, and analyze data streams in near-real time.


With better insights about climate risk, we can better protect homes and communities across the country. Our relationship with AWS helps us generate breakthrough innovations across a wide range of areas."

Kimberly Johnson
EVP & COO, Fannie Mae




AWS re:Invent 2020: Fannie Mae: Transforming loan evaluation with machine learning on AWS
Fannie Mae used AWS machine learning (ML) services to improve its important Multifamily line of business, which provides lenders with essential loans to buy affordable rental units for families. By implementing Amazon SageMaker, Fannie Mae improved its loan evaluation process. Its ML application can identify up to 48% of applicants that are likely to default. This session shares practical guidance on implementing ML at scale, including data gathering and transformation using a data lake and model transparency and explainability. Services covered include Amazon SageMaker, AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3, among others.
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Fannie Mae's Technology Revolution
Accenture worked with Fannie Mae to help the company develop a cloud strategy on AWS—bringing together the different personalities in the organization who needed to work together. This helped level-set everyone and get them on the same page in terms of where Fannie Mae wanted to go on its cloud-based, customer experience journey. Fannie Mae's Dave Baldwin and Satya Addagarla join Rebecca Knight, theCUBE at the Accenture Executive Summit, AWS re:Invent 2019.
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AWS re:Invent 2019: Migrate Your Data Warehouse to the Cloud, featuring Fannie Mae
Modern data warehousing blends and analyzes all your data—in your data warehouse and in your data lake—without needing to move the data. In this session, a representative from Fannie Mae explains how the company migrated from a leading on-premises data warehouse to Amazon Redshift in record time. See how the company uses AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), AWS Schema Conversion Tool, AWS Glue, and Amazon Redshift to provide timely analytics across the organization.
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