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Latest module: Data preservation

Learn how organisations are responding to the responsibilities of collecting, managing, and preserving data in a post-GDPR world.


To increase safety and road repairs, Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer (AWV), the Flemish agency for roads and traffic in Belgium, is launching a portal through which citizens will be able to log road incidents. With the spotlight firmly on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the agency is mindful of the compliance implications of handling personal information. “This is a new project for us, and one that we hope will help us identify and fix road-related issues even faster,” says Bert Weyne, planning & coordination lead at AWV. “But it also comes with challenges. Luckily, we have GDPR compliance sorted with AWS. We know the way we collect, store, and access data is 100 percent compliant.” Learn more  »

In 2015, the number of child refugees entering Sweden without parents almost tripled. The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SKL (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting), wanted to build and launch a secure national platform in just eight weeks in an effort to find these 60,000 child refugees homes. They turned to SecureAppBox, a company which helps organisations manage sensitive data and comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). SecureAppBox turned to AWS for the security and scalability of the AWS Cloud. Learn more  »

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Tune into the GDPR video series and learn how to build an effective security & data protection strategy.

Bharat Mistry, Security Strategist at AWS partner Trend Micro explains who is responsible for data protection in the cloud.

GDPR – Rights, Roles and Responsibilities
GDPR – Interpreting Tech Standards

Bharat Mistry, Principal Security Strategist at AWS partner Trend Micro explores what tech standards mean within GDPR.

Security and Data Protection

Learn how to build an effective security & data protection strategy with Tim Rains, EMEA Regional Leader, Security & Compliance Business Acceleration at AWS, Stephane Ducable, Director, EU Public Policy at AWS, and Francisco Mingorance, General Secretary of CISPE.

GDPR – A Practical Approach

Bharat Mistry, Security Strategist at Trend Micro reveals a cybersecurity framework to help with GDPR compliance.


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