AWS DataSync

Simplify and accelerate secure data migrations

Eliminate unnecessary hurdles to cloud data migration and achieve end-to-end security, including encryption and data integrity validation.

Schedule data transfers between file and object storage platforms, reduce management costs, and scale seamlessly even as data loads increase.

Migrate or replicate file and object data to the cloud quickly, and throttle incremental migrations to control bandwidth consumption.

How it works

  • Transfer data between on premises and AWS
  • Transfer data between AWS storage services
  • Transfer data between on premises and AWS
  • aws-datasync-how-it-works-diagram-move-data-from-on-premises-to-AWS
    AWS DataSync is a secure, online service that automates and accelerates moving data between on premises and AWS storage services. DataSync can copy data between Network File System (NFS) shares, Server Message Block (SMB) shares, Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS), self-managed object storage, AWS Snowcone, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets, Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file systems, and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file systems.
  • Transfer data between AWS storage services
  • aws-datasync-how-it-works-diagram-transfer-data-between-aws-storage-services
    AWS DataSync is also used to transfer data between AWS Storage services so you can replicate, archive, or share application data easily.

Use cases

Replicate active data sets

Reduce data lag and boost holistic analysis with end-to-end encryption and validation to ensure data integrity at the source and destination.

Complete your data recovery plan

Mitigate the risk of data migration errors by completing a cost-effective disaster recovery strategy that replicates files in other AWS services.

Archive rarely accessed data

Reduce on-premises storage costs and eliminate hardware management using Amazon S3 Glacier archive storage classes to deliver 99.999999999% data durability.

Process hybrid workload data

Seamlessly share data between on-premises systems and AWS and use robust data processing and analytics capabilities to expedite the release of new products.

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