Connect to your storage, connect to our storage, and start copying

Getting started with DataSync is easy: Deploy the DataSync agent on premises, connect it to a file system or storage array using NFS or SMB protocols, select Amazon EFS or S3 as your AWS storage, and start moving data. You'll pay only for the data you copy.

Simple steps to get going


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Learn about DataSync

You can dig into the FAQs for key facts, and dive deeper in the docs. Also, stay tuned for more recorded sessions, blogs and demos.

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Go to the Console

The DataSync console is where you start, configure and manage the DataSync services operations.

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Deploy the DataSync Agent

Download and deploy the agent to an on-premises VMware ESXi hypervisor. Associate it to your AWS account via the Console or API. The agent will access your local NFS or SMB storage protocols to read data from it or write to it.


Create a data transfer task

Create a task by specifying the source location and destination location for your data transfer, and configure any options you want to use with the transfer, such as copying file metadata.


Start the transfer

Start the task and monitor data movement in the console or with Amazon CloudWatch. Then, use the data however you want in AWS.

Additional resources

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Read the DataSync FAQs
Learn more about DataSync

Get more of the details on DataSync by reading the FAQs.

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Start building in the console
Start building in the console

Get started building with AWS DataSync in the AWS Console.

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