AWS DataSync has simple, predictable, usage-based pricing. With DataSync, you pay only for the amount of data that you copy. Your costs are based on a flat per-gigabyte fee for the use of network acceleration technology, managed cloud infrastructure, data validation, and automation capabilities in DataSync. There are no resources to manage, no upfront costs, and no minimum fee.

Additional charges

You are charged standard request, storage, and data transfer rates to read to and write from AWS services, such as Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS. Read about considerations when working with Amazon S3 storage classes in our documentation.

When copying data from an AWS storage service to an on-premises storage system, you pay for AWS Data Transfer at your standard rate. You are also charged standard rates for Amazon CloudWatch Logs and Amazon CloudWatch Events.

You will be billed by AWS PrivateLink for interface VPC endpoints that you create to manage and control the traffic between your agent(s) and the DataSync service over AWS PrivateLink.

Pricing examples

Example 1: A one-time migration into Amazon S3

If you perform a one-time migration of 50 TB of 16 MB files into Amazon S3 in US East (Ohio), it costs you the following to use DataSync:

(50 TB copied into S3  * 1024 GB * $0.04 / GB) + (1 S3 LIST request * $0.005 / 1000) + (50 TB / 16 MB S3 PUT requests * $0.005 / 1000)
= $2,048 + $0 + $16.38
= $2,064.38

Example 2: Regular data transfers for an in-cloud processing and data distribution workflow

Suppose that you perform a daily 10 TB transfer into Amazon EFS in US East (Ohio) from one site, plus a daily transfer of data out of Amazon EFS to a second site. Your costs look like this for 31 days:

[(10 TB copied into EFS * 1024 GB * $0.04 / GB) + (1 TB copied out *1024 GB * $0.04/GB) + (1 TB AWS Data Transfer out * 1024 GB * $0.09/GB)] * 31 days
= [($409.60) + ($40.96) + ($92.16)] * 31

Example 3: File system replication for business continuity, with incrementals

Suppose that you have a regular data replication job that copies a 10 TB file system into Amazon EFS in Asia Pacific (Sydney) once, and then replicates another 1 TB per day of changed data. Your costs for DataSync look like this for the initial copy and the 31 following days of normal usage:

10 TB * 1024 GB * $0.04 / GB = $409.60 for the initial transfer

+ 1 TB * 1024 GB * $0.04 / GB * 31 days for the incremental transfers

= $1,269.76 per month on an ongoing basis.

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