Just Walk Out technology by Amazon FAQs

Q: How does Just Walk Out technology work?

Just Walk Out technology uses a combination of sophisticated tools and technologies to determine who took what from the store. When a consumer takes something off the shelf, it’s added to their virtual cart. When the consumer puts the item back on the shelf, it comes out of their virtual cart. After they leave the store, they’re charged for the items they left the store with.

Q: How long does it take to install Just Walk Out technology in a store?

For new store builds, we work as part of your construction or remodel plans. For existing stores, we work with retailers to install the technology while minimizing the impact on current operations.

Q: What stores does Just Walk Out technology work in?

Our technology has broad applicability. It’s great in places that have high demand, long lines, or customers who are pressed for time.

Q: If consumers have questions about the store or need to make a return, who do they contact?

Consumers’ customer service needs, including returns, are managed directly by the retailer.

Q: Will people still be working in stores with Just Walk Out technology?

Yes. With Just Walk Out stores, the way employees spend their time is only shifting—they now spend more time assisting customers, answering questions, helping customers find items, and stocking shelves as needed, rather than operating checkouts and manually processing payments.

Q: If I am interested, how can I get in touch?

If you are a business interested in Just Walk Out technology, please visit the Contact us page and complete the form.

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