Get hands-on with the latest machine learning techniques and compete in the monthly AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters challenge. Developers will have the opportunity to showcase their machine learning skills, top the musical charts, and win prizes by generating original compositions with AWS DeepComposer. Terms and conditions apply

What is AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters?

Chartbusters is a global challenge where developers use AWS DeepComposer to create original compositions and compete in monthly challenges to showcase their machine learning and generative AI skills.

Every month, AWS will release a Chartbusters challenge that has a unique theme like build a custom genre model, or extend a melody using machine learning. These monthly themes span a breadth of generative AI techniques such as GANs, autoregressive, and transformers.

Soundcloud chart
AWS DeepComposer keyboard

Developers will use AWS DeepComposer to create their original compositions and submit them to a Chartbusters playlist on SoundCloud. SoundCloud Terms and Conditions may apply.

AWS DeepComposer console

Listeners from around the world will be invited to vote on the compositions. The top 20 compositions are determined by a sum of customer ‘likes’ and count of ‘plays’ on SoundCloud. Judges will then evaluate and select the top 10 compositions for each challenge.

Publish to SoundCloud
Win prizes

The winner of each monthly challenge will have the opportunity to be featured in the AWS ML blog. Developers who feature in the top 10 will receive an AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters trophy and top 5 finishers will receive an AWS DeepLens device.

Current challenge: Bach to the Future

June 22nd - July 21st, 2020

The first Charbusters challenge is to create compelling compositions in the style of Bach. Use the autoregressive CNN algorithm available in the AWS DeepComposer music studio to create your compositions. The algorithm will allow you to apply a significant degree of creative risk, as well as add and remove notes to produce your most inventive classical compositions. Use the sample melodies provided in the console, record a custom melody using the keyboard, or import your own input track. A physical keyboard is not required to participate in the challenge.

How to compete

Choose or import a melody


Generate a composition using the new autoregressive technique


Submit your composition to Soundcloud via the console

Meet the judges
Mike Miller

Occupation: Director, AWS Devices - AWS

Mike Miller leads the AWS AI Devices team, who brought AWS DeepLens, AWSDeepRacer, and AWS DeepComposer to developers worldwide, helping aspiring machine learning developers get hands-on learning with the latest machine learning technologies. Mike has been with Amazon for seven years, previously leading product management for the Fire TV at Lab126 before joining Amazon Web Services. Mike is also an amateur musician, playing guitar and percussion for over 20 years.

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DeepComposer AI

Occupation: Neural Network

This machine learning algorithm evaluates song submissions and considers various criteria to determine an overall level of quality. The most discerning of our judges by far, this entity is the toughest judge in our Chartbusters challenge. Submissions will have to be the absolute best-in-class to impress this judge.

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