AWS DeepLens Challenge

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Build machine learning projects using AWS DeepLens and make a difference!



Through a series of eight themed challenges that will run in 2018, you have the opportunity to combine your ideas with the capability of AWS DeepLens to create machine learning projects that can have a positive impact on the world. These challenges will help you gain valuable machine learning experience within a fun, collaborative, and inspiring environment. You’ll be making a positive impact on improving people’s lives and supporting non-profits that benefit our society.


It has been said that giving is not about making a donation, but about making a difference. The rewards will vary by challenge, but they will include things such as a donation per project submission to a challenge-related non-profit organization, a blog showcase for the projects that have the most potential positive effects, and, overall, the biggest reward will be that you get to learn and at the same time you will build something that could have a profound beneficial impact on the community. Project submissions and their authors will be promoted by AWS.


AWS DeepLens allows developers of all skill levels get started with deep learning through example projects, computer vision models, tutorials, and real world, hands-on exploration on a physical device. You can choose from a collection of pre-trained models ready to run on the device with a single click available in the AWS DeepLens console, or build custom models with Amazon SageMaker. Check out the AWS DeepLens resources available to get started today. Join the AWS DeepLens Challenge Slack Channel to collaborate with your fellow participants!

Challenge #1: Inclusivity

In this first challenge, we invite you to create a DeepLens project that fosters inclusion, overcomes barriers, and strengthens the bonds between adults and children of all abilities.

For each project that meets the participation criteria, we will make a donation of $249 (the retail price of an AWS DeepLens) to the Northwest Center, a non-profit organization based in Seattle. For inspiration, please watch the video from Gene Boes, CEO Northwest Center, to learn more about how technology can help advance equal opportunities for people of all abilities.

For more ideas check out the projects created by the DeepLens community and the AWS Blog announcing this challenge.

The challenge has been extended! Runs from 7/10/2018 to midnight (PST) 8/19/2018. We look forward to your submissions!

Northwest Center CEO Gene Boes outlines the AWS DeepLens Inclusivity Challenge

If AWS offers to make a donation to a charity for every eligible entry, then AWS will donate $249 for each eligible entry to a challenge. A minimum donation of $5,000 will be made to a charity of AWS’s choice, and the donation will be capped at $10,000. All of the fields in the submission form must be completed and the entry must be submitted by the each challenge’s respective deadline for an entry to be eligible.

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