Q: What is AWS DeepRacer
AWS DeepRacer is the fastest way to get rolling with reinforcement learning (RL), literally, with a fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning, 3D racing simulator, and a global racing league. Developers can train, evaluate, and tune RL models in the online simulator, deploy their models onto AWS DeepRacer for a real-world autonomous experience and compete in the AWS DeepRacer League for a chance to win the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup.

Q: How is AWS DeepRacer different from other robotic scale cars in the market?
AWS DeepRacer is the first autonomous scale car specifically developed to help developers get hands-on with reinforcement learning. AWS DeepRacer gives developers a simple way to learn RL, experiment with new RL algorithms and simulation-to-real domain transfer methods, and experience RL in the real world.

Q: What is the relationship between AWS DeepRacer and AWS Robocar Rally?
After the AWS DeepRacer launch, all Robocar Rally events will be replaced with AWS DeepRacer events. Robocar Rally inspired AWS DeepRacer, but unlike Robocar Rally, AWS DeepRacer focuses on RL and not on behavioral cloning.

Q: How can I get an AWS DeepRacer?
Currently, AWS DeepRacer is available to pre-order on The AWS DeepRacer console, providing model training, access to the 3D racing simulator, and the AWS DeepRacer League leaderboards will go live early in 2019. AWS Customers can sign-up to request preview access before general availibility.

Q: Which geographic regions will AWS DeepRacer be available in?
AWS DeepRacer is available to pre-order on for customers in the USA. After launch, AWS Customers can access the AWS DeepRacer consiole, including the 3D racing simulator from the US East (N. Virginia) region.

Q: What is the AWS DeepRacer League?
The AWS DeepRacer League is the world’s first global autonomous racing league for developers. AWS Customers can use their AWS DeepRacer RL models to compete in a global championship, racing for prizes, glory, and a chance to lift the Championship Cup at re:Invent 2019. The AWS DeepRacer League will launch in 2019 and developers can compete in one of three forms: (1) in-person at AWS DeepRacer League events co-located around the globe at selected AWS Summits; (2) online by taking part in monthly racing events hosted on virtual tracks in the simulator (throughout the season developers will score race points by competing in time trials, and winners and top scorers in both forms of competition will advance to the qualifiers at re:Invent 2019); and (3) at re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas, when the AWS DeepRacer League will return, providing attendees track time and giving rookies their first taste of racing with qualifier slots up for grabs. At the qualifiers, participants will race in a series of elimination rounds, with the top racer from each competition form advancing to a three-way face off to determine the winner of the 2019 AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup.

Product Details

Q: What are the product specifications of the AWS DeepRacer device?
     Car: 1/18th scale 4WD with monster truck chassis
     CPU: Intel Atom™ Processor
     Memory: 4GB RAM
     Storage: 32GB (expandable)
     Wi-Fi: 802.11ac
     Camera: 4 MP camera with MJPEG
     Software: Ubuntu OS 16.04.3 LTS, Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit, ROS Kinetic
     Drive battery: 7.4V/1100mAh lithium polymer
     Compute battery: 13600mAh USB-C PD
     Ports: 4x USB-A, 1x USB-C, 1x Micro-USB, 1x HDMI
     Sensors: Integrated accelerometer and gyroscope

Q: Which AWS services are integrated with AWS DeepRacer?
AWS DeepRacer integrates with Amazon SageMaker for reinforcement learning model training, AWS RoboMaker to provide the racing simulator, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams for video streaming of virtual simulation footage, Amazon S3 for model storage, and Amazon CloudWatch for log capture.

Q: How do I add new tracks to the AWS DeepRacer simulator?
Currently, developers cannot add additional tracks to the AWS DeepRacer simulator. AWS DeepRacer will release a number of new racing tracks throughout 2019.

Q: Can I train my models on the AWS DeepRacer device?
No. Training an RL model requires feedback regarding the outcome of actions taken by the model. This feedback loop exists in the AWS DeepRacer simulator, but not in the real-world.

Q: Can I train my models locally on my own machine as opposed to the AWS Cloud?
Currently AWS DeepRacer does not support local training.

Q: Can I train AWS DeepRacer RL models directly on Amazon SageMaker?
Yes. You can use the AWS DeepRacer Distributed Training SageMaker Notebook to create and train RL models. You will be able to deploy these models to your AWS DeepRacer manually, but won’t yet be able to import them into the AWS DeepRacer console.

Getting Started

Q: How do I get started with AWS DeepRacer?
Currently, AWS DeepRacer is available to pre-order on The AWS DeepRacer console, providing model training, access to the 3D racing simulator, and the AWS DeepRacer League leaderboards will go live early in 2019. AWS Customers can sign-up to request preview access before general availibility.

Q: I have an AWS DeepRacer, how do I race it?
To get the best racing experience developers need to ensure the AWS DeepRacer has been correctly set up and calibrated, that a model has been deployed to it, and that a physical race track is present. To set up your AWS DeepRacer and calibrate it, please follow the Getting Started Guide on the AWS DeepRacer Getting Started webpage. The same page contains the steps needed to create your first RL model and deploy it to your AWS DeepRacer.
For guidance on how to create your own AWS DeepRacer real-world track, please follow the guidelines in the Developer Documentation.

Q: Does my DeepRacer need to be connected to the internet to race autonomously?
No. AWS DeepRacer uses the deployed RL model and input from the camera to run inference locally. AWS DeepRacer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device used to start and stop autonomous driving.

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