The AWS Heroes program recognizes a vibrant, worldwide group of AWS experts whose enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing has a real impact within the community. Heroes go above and beyond to share knowledge in a variety of ways including online via social media, blog posts, open source projects, videos, and forums; or in person at conferences, workshops, and user group events.

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Community Heroes

AWS Community Heroes are passionate AWS enthusiasts. They use their extensive knowledge to teach others about all things AWS across a range of mediums. Their wide-reaching efforts to spread knowledge of the AWS platform have a significant impact within their local communities.


Container Heroes

AWS Container Heroes are prominent trendsetters who are deeply connected to the ever-evolving container community. They possess extensive knowledge of multiple Amazon container services, are always keen to learn the latest trends, and are passionate about sharing their insights with anyone running containers on AWS.


Data Heroes

AWS Data Heroes are IT leaders and educators with a shared passion for analytics, database, and blockchain technologies. They are data experts, who actively participate at the forefront of technology trends, leveraging their extensive technical expertise to share knowledge and build a community around a passion for AWS data services.


DevTools Heroes

AWS DevTools Heroes are a community of passionate advocates of the developer experience on AWS and the tools that enable that experience. DevTools Heroes excel at sharing their knowledge and building community through open source contributions, blogging, speaking, community organizing, and social media. Through their feedback, content, and contributions, DevTools Heroes help shape the AWS developer experience and evolve the AWS end-to-end developer experience on AWS for their programming language of choice.

IoT Heroes

AWS IoT Heroes are leading IoT technologists who passionately drive the growth and success of the embedded, cloud, and analytics community. They dedicate their time helping enthusiasts of all skill levels and ages build innovative IoT solutions through open source code contributions, technical content, and in-person meetups, as well as public speaker sessions.


Machine Learning Heroes

AWS Machine Learning Heroes are developers and academics who are proficient with deep learning frameworks and are passionate enthusiasts of emerging Amazon ML technologies. They enjoy helping developers of all machine learning proficiencies learn and apply ML, at speed and scale, through Hero blog posts, videos, and technical sessions, as well as direct engagement.


Serverless Heroes

AWS Serverless Heroes are spirited pioneers of the AWS serverless ecosystem. They evangelize AWS serverless technologies online, in person, and via open source contributions to GitHub and the AWS Serverless Application Repository. These Serverless Heroes help evolve the way developers, companies, and the community at large build modern applications.


Security Heroes

AWS Security Heroes are security professionals, IT leaders, educators, and developers with a shared mission to foster excellence in the practice and profession of cybersecurity and digital identity. They are experts who actively participate at the forefront of technology trends, share their extensive technical expertise, promote best practices, and exemplify a passion for building well on AWS with a Security and Identity focus.


Former AWS Heroes

Our former Heroes will always be an important part of the AWS community. Their activities, contributions, and everything they've done for the AWS community are greatly appreciated.

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Program FAQ

  • AWS is comprised of users whose enthusiasm has created a vibrant worldwide community of experts who go above and beyond to share their extensive AWS knowledge in many ways, including through social media, blogs, events, user groups, and workshops.

    The purpose of the AWS Heroes program is to recognize and honor the most engaged and influential developers who have a significant impact within the community. It also provides Heroes a place to tell their story and connect with like-minded developers. If you are looking to learn from and connect with experienced members of the AWS community, check out their bios and connect online.

  • Heroes are mentors and super users, creators, writers, or speakers who routinely provide high quality and impactful content to the AWS developer community worldwide. Each Hero is different. Some examples of Hero activities include:

    • Writing blog posts, news articles, books, or technical documentation.
    • Being a content creator by posting tutorials, podcasts, and videos.
    • Contributing to the AWS developer community with open source projects and code samples.
    • Running AWS-focused events such as user groups, hackathons, workshops, AWS Community Day events, and more.
    • Speaking at tech events worldwide.
  • Some key characteristics of an AWS Hero include:

    Enthusiasm – An individual who regularly participates and engages the AWS community.
    Expertise – Being an expert in AWS and staying on top of trends.
    Leadership – Building relationships and strengthening ties within the community.

  • We are always on the lookout for the next group of AWS Heroes. If you'd like to be considered for recognition in the AWS Heroes program, make sure you're contributing and sharing AWS knowledge with our community.

    Heroes contribute by answering questions in AWS forums or sites like StackOverflow. They submit code or projects to places like GitHub. They share their knowledge and expertise in person at conferences and user groups. And they write blogs, publish books, and continually look for ways to engage with the AWS community online.

    AWS Heroes are nominated by Amazon employees who can attest to the community contributions led by the nominee.

    Questions about the AWS Heroes program? Contact us here

  • Community Heroes are passionate enthusiasts of the entire AWS platform, and spend time educating others on a wide array of AWS services. While they may have an area of expertise, they spend most of their time advocating for the entire AWS ecosystem.

    Category Heroes (Container Heroes, Data Heroes, DevTools Heroes, Machine Learning Heroes, and Serverless Heroes) are well known early adopters and thought leaders within their specific knowledge area. They spend the majority of their time speaking, blogging, and advocating AWS services which fall under one specific category or topic.

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