Anas Khattar

AWS Community Hero

 Anas Khattar, Co-founder of Digico Solutions

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 Hero since 2020

Anas Khattar is co-founder of Digico Solutions, a consulting company focused on cloud architecture, DevOps, and software development on AWS for startups and innovators. Being a community-driven tech house, Digico provides startups the needed cloud excellence and certified partnership to achieve their goals and improve & automate their development processes through building optimal development teams and pipelines.

Anas started his previous startup in 2013 where he became passionate about AWS services, and then founded AWS UG Lebanon in 2018 to empower the local developer and startup community. He coordinates monthly meetups and workshops with local and international expert speakers on a variety of cloud topics which helped grow the group to more than 1,000 AWSome members. He also regularly speaks at tech conferences and authors tech blogs on Dev Community, sharing his AWS experiences and best practices.

In close collaboration with the regional AWS community leaders and builders, Anas organized AWS Community Day MENA, which started in September 2020 with 12 User Groups from 10 countries, and hosted 27 speakers over 2 days. In his spare time, Anas enjoys running, surfing, and gardening.

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