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Dive into the world of data and analytics

The first edition of Build On Data and Analytics focused on topics covering the challenges of data engineering, large-scale data processing, open source data analytics, machine learning and much more. AWS technical experts were joined by some of the most prominent experts in the technical community such as Matt Wood, Zhamak Dehghani, Tim Berglund, Barr Moses, Alex DeBrie, Gwen Shapira, and more.
The materials are especially relevant to:
  • Data Engineers, DataOps/MLOps engineers
  • Data Architects, Data Analysts, Database Administrators
  • Data Product Managers, Data Scientists and anyone else with passion and interest to build solutions in the space.

Session recordings

All sessions from the stream are now available on demand on the Build On YouTube channel.

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Welcome to Build On Live | Data & Analytics

Build On Data and Analytics Agenda

Hosted By: Darko Mesaros, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS and Dani Traphagen, Sr. Startup Solutions Architect, AWS

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 End time 
9:00  9:30  Intro and Welcome  Darko Mesaros, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS and Dani Traphagen, Sr. Startup Solutions Architect, AWS
9:30  9:55  What's happening in the world of Data and Analytics?
Matt Wood, VP Business Analytics, AWS  and Lena Hall, Head of Developer Relations, North America, AWS
10:00  10:25  NoSQL databases Alex DeBrie, AWS Data Hero
10:30  10:55  Data Ingestion Change Data Capture Abishek Gupta, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS & Steffen Hausmann
11:00  11:25  Data Quality, Data Observability, Data Reliability Barr Moses, CEO, Co-Founder of Monte Carlo
11:30  11:50  The Serverless Future of Cloud Data Analytics Wojciech Gawronsk, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS
11:50  12:00  Mid-stream break  Hosts 
12:00  12:25  Large-scale data processing Gwen Shapir, Chief Product Officer, Stealth Startup
12:30  12:55  Not your average ETL: Accelerating ETL Modernization and Migration Navnit Shukl, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS
13:00  13:25  Stream-processing, large-scale data analytics Tim Berglund, Vice President of Developer Relations, StarTree
13:30  13:55  Create, train, and deploy machine learning models in Amazon Redshift using SQL with Amazon Redshift ML Rohit Bansal, Analytics Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
14:00  14:15  Using Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) to schedule Spark jobs on Amazon EMR Serverless - A live demo showing how to run serverless Spark jobs with Airflow Damon Cortesi, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS
14:20  14:55  Coming soon
Coming soon
15:00  15:25  Unify data silos by connecting and sharing varied data sources: a financial service use case Jessica Ho, Sr. Partner Solutions Architecs, AWS and Saman Irfan, Specialist SA
15:30  15:55  Transactional data lakes using Apache Hudi Shana Schipers, Specialist SA, Analytics,  AWS
16:00  16:25  Close the multi-cloud gap with open source solutions Lotfi Mouhib, Sr. Territory Solutions Architect, AWS
16:30  16:55  The history and future of data analytics in the cloud Imtiaz Sayed, Tech Leader, Analytics, AWS
17:00  17:15  A message from AWS prototyping team (pre-recorded)
Coming soon
17:15  17:25  Stream closing  Hosts 

Build On Live Hosts

AI & Machine Learning

  Dani Traphagen, Sr. Startup Solutions Architect and Host, AWS

Dani Traphagen is a Senior Startup Solutions Architect focused on the Life Sciences space. She has a passion for helping customers in bringing their ideas to reality. She studied Molecular and Cellular Biology in school and worked in the IT department all throughout college. Following graduation, Dani contracted at GitHub and began working with Startups in the open source software space. She has worked as a Technical Trainer and Solution Architect at DataStax, GridGain and Confluent. Dani now brings her scientific experience to the interface of cloud computing to support her customers at AWS. She also advises on the Startup journey and helps others to navigate the process of growing their business. In her free time, you can catch Dani in any kind of water sport. If it has two hydrogens and an oxygen, she’ll be there with a board.
Connect with Dani on LinkedIn
AI & Machine Learning

 Darko Mesaros, Sr. Developer Advocate and Host, AWS

Darko a Senior Developer Advocate based in Seattle, WA. His goal is to share his passion and technological know-how with Engineers, Developers, Builders, and tech enthusiasts across the world. If it can be automated, he will definitely try to do so. Most of Darko's focus is towards DevOps and Management Tools, where automation, pipelines, and efficient developer tools is the name of the game – click less and code more so you do not repeat yourself - is his motto! As a passionate collector of old computers, he has a collection of computers and games and they came as an inspiration to tinker with computers as much as possible! Like deploy AWS infrastructure through a Commodore 64.

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