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Build On Live | re:Invent agenda - recordings now available!

Hosted By: AWS Developer Advocates featuring Darko Mesaros, Du'An Lightfoot, and Linda Haviv. Explore Hosts ›

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          Featured speakers include: Corey Quinn, Ian McKay, and Kristi Perreault

    Start time 
     End time 
    11:00 am 11:15 am Kick Off!  Build On Live Hosts
    11:15 am 11:32 am Community, Open Source, and Things That Make Developers Tick Angie Byron 
    11:32 am 12:09 pm So You’ve Decided to Platform Engineer Adam Keller
    12:09 pm 12:46 pm AWS Command Line Shenanigans Andrew Brown
    12:46 pm 1:03 pm Aspiring Community Builders See Here... Matt Coutler 
    1:03 pm 1:35 pm What's New Today Build On Live Hosts
    1:35 pm 2:12 pm She Builds Tech Skills Takeover May Kyaw, Mai Nishitani, Rohini Gaonkar
    2:12 pm 2:29 pm Corey on Corey Corey Quinn & Emily Freeman
    2:29 pm 3:06 pm Building Open Source Live Ian McKay
    3:06 pm 3:41 pm Well-Architected Reviews & Jenga Are More Similar Than You'd Think Kristi Perreault
    3:41 pm 3:45 pm Wrapping Up the Day Build On Live Hosts
  • Watch sessions on-demand

          Featured speakers include: Jeff Barr, Ana Margarita Medina, and Vinicius Senger

    Start time 
     End time 
    11:00 am 11:20 am Kick Off!  Build On Live Hosts
    11:20 am 11:58 pm Chaos, Reliability, and More Ana Margarita Medina
    11:58 pm 12:36 pm The Core Building Blocks of Production Infrastructure Cole Morrison
    12:36 pm 1:11 pm What's New Today Build On Live Hosts & Neal Gamradt
    1:11 pm 1:28 pm GameDay Winner Spotlight: Team D55 John Hatton, Rich House,
    Martyn Kilbryde
    1:28 pm 2:06 pm Devs in the Shed Takeover Aaron Sempf, Matt Coles, Paul Kukiel
    2:06 pm 2:23 pm Down & Dirty with DeepRacer Ed Miller
    2:23 pm 3:00 pm Do you Even LEGO? with Jeff Barr Jeff Barr
    3:00 pm 3:17 pm Minecraft demo Vinicius Senger
    3:17 pm 3:52 pm Build & Vizualize an Optimization Data Lake Steph Gooch & Yuriy Prykhodko
    3:52 pm 4:00 pm Wrapping Up the Day Build On Live Hosts
  • Watch sessions on-demand

          Featured speakers include: Adam Seligman, Emily Freeman, and Danny Steenman, and Tomasz Lakomy

    Start time 
     End time 
    11:00 am 11:15 am Kick Off!  Build On Live Hosts
    11:15 am 11:52 am Full Stack Development with AWS CDK & TypeScript Tomasz Lakomy
    11:52 am 12:09 pm Growing Your Social Presence With Technical Content Danny Steenman
    12:09 pm 12:26 pm Accessibility in Tech with Rob Koch Rob Koch
    12:26 pm 1:03 pm Mystery Demo  Adam Seligman & Emily Freeman
    1:03 pm 1:33 pm What's New Today Build On Live Hosts
    1:33 pm 2:10 pm How To Start Your AI/ML Journey on AWS Gilbert Young Jr. 
    2:10 pm 2:27 pm Community in LATAM with Vanessa Santos Vanessa Santos
    2:27 pm 3:04 pm She Builds/Devs in the Shed Mashup Matt Coles, Paul Kukiel, Aaron Sempf, May Kyaw, Mai Nishitani
    3:04 pm 3:39 pm Enterprise Cloud Governance at Scale Paushali Kundu
    3:39 pm 3:45 pm Wrapping Up the Day Build On Live Hosts

Build On Live Hosts

AI & Machine Learning
Darko Mesaros, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Darko is passionate about DevOps and Management Tools, where automation, pipelines, & efficient developer tools is the name of the game - click less and code more so you do not repeat yourself - is his motto!


Jacquie Grindrod, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Jacquie has worked in FinTech, media, eHealth. She's passionate about solving problems with a holistic approach to bridge the gaps in communication and systems.


Curtis Evans, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS

Curtis is passionate about Infrastructure, Storage, & Systems Operations. By his own “unofficial” count, he's had a hand in creating 3,000+ AWS accounts, launching over ten thousand EC2 instances, & storing at least 3 Exabytes of object data into S3. He also enjoys playing tennis.

Linda Haviv, Developer Advocate, AWS

Linda has worked in media as a SDE, SRE, & Infrastructure Engineer. She had an untraditional journey into tech & is passionate about helping others in their cloud career journeys, via bite-sized videos at @lindavivah.


Derek Bingham, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Derek advocates for devs across Australia & New Zealand. When he doesnt have an IDE open or a camera in front of him, he can be found in Perth enjoying the sunshine.


Brooke Jamieson, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Brooke has degrees in Mathematics & Data Engineering and was an AWS Machine Learning Hero prior to joining AWS. Recently, Brooke relocated from Australia to NYC to pursue their cloud career.

Du'An Lightfoot, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Du’An is an Air Force veteran and Sr. DA at AWS. He has 10+ years of designing, implementing, & supporting enterprise infrastructures. He's passionate about teaching others pursuing their own builder journeys.


Julie Gunderson, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Julie is champions for best practices for DevOps, reducing silos, reliability, & building team or organizational culture. She's also the founding member of DevOpsDays Boise.


Matheus Guimaraes, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Matheus began his career 20 years ago as a Jr. Video Game Programmer when C/C++ still ruled the world & HTML was an extra credit class. He remains passionate about the role that technology plays in bridging the present with all the possibilities for our future.

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