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Join us in Houston on August 14 for the third-annual AWS Energy Symposium. Hear from AWS industry experts, customers, partners and startups as they share insights on the innovative cloud solutions that are transforming how energy is produced, distributed, and consumed worldwide. Space is limited.

AWS is how leading organizations across the energy value chain are transforming, innovating, and accelerating their businesses.
Together, we are accelerating the energy transition through practical innovations for today and tomorrow that deliver energy efficiently, reliably, sustainably, and responsibly. AWS brings the most advanced and secure cloud services and deep industry expertise across energy, utilities, and sustainable energy sectors. With the broadest energy partner ecosystem, AWS empowers energy leaders to improve performance, accelerate innovation, transform the customer experience, maximize safety and security, and minimize their carbon footprint.
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Benefits of AWS for Energy & Utilities

Efficiency icon
Efficiency, delivered.
Automate processes, predict maintenance, connect your people so they can work better and smarter wherever they are.
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Innovation, enabled.
Harness the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools, and develop and apply bespoke applications to design new energy processes and solutions.
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Customer experience, transformed.
Personalize interaction, tailor offerings and streamline your supply chain to improve service and increase trust and loyalty.
Decision making icon
Decision-making, optimized.
Make faster, smarter data-driven decisions, and anticipate and respond quickly to demand to optimize revenues and minimize costs.
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Safety and security, assured.
Closely monitor your people and environments to prevent and respond quickly to incidents, while optimizing data protection.

What's new

The new AWS Reinventing Energy ebook series is now available!

Power up your energy industry knowledge with our Reinventing Energy ebook series. From decarbonization to cybersecurity, and more, we dive into critical topics for the energy industry and provide real-world case studies that show how cloud technologies are helping reinvent the industry.

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New solution: Meter Data Analytics 2.0

Unlock your smart meter data from silos and maximize its value. MDA 2.0 provides the data and analytics foundation for utilities’ smart meters so they can detect anomalies, run circuit balancing, thwart energy theft, forecast household level energy use, enhance customer engagement, and more.

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Rethinking Energy with generative AI

Generative AI is a transformative technology that will impact all industries and its potential across the energy value chain is enormous. Read about the different use cases we’re seeing today throughout the energy industry and how you can get started on your generative AI journey.

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Furthering diversity in the energy industry

The AWS Women Reinventing Energy (WRE) group was founded with the primary focus of fostering the development, advancement and recognition of women’s contributions within the Energy industry. Sign up today to stay informed on the latest news, events and updates regarding WRE.

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Reinventing energy with our customers

Learn how AWS is working with customers across the energy value chain to transform their operations and accelerate innovation.

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Gains Valuable Insights from Store Data with Computer Vision

Learn how Phillips 66 implements AWS Panorama as their digital solution for their convenience stores that would drive efficiency, maximize revenue, and ensure an experience that keeps customers coming back.

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Gain Valuable Insights from Store Data with Computer Vision
Stock image of two staff members collaborating with a laptop in a factory
Baker Hughes

Reduces Time to Results, Carbon Footprint, and Cost Using AWS HPC

Baker Hughes migrated its computational fluid dynamics applications to AWS, cutting gas turbine design cycle time, saving 40 percent on HPC costs, and reducing its carbon footprint by 99 percent.

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bp Scales Its Data Science Machine Learning Operations on AWS

The Model DevOps Framework, powered by AWS, creates a standardized approach to provide control, management, monitoring, and auditability of data models while enforcing code quality.

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tc energy

TC Energy Builds an Operations Data Platform for 60,000 Miles of Pipeline Using AWS

TC Energy, in collaboration with Pariveda, is automating data ingestion from multiple sources to drive improvement in asset management. These initiatives will contribute toward meeting business objectives.

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Image of wind mills and solar panels

Empowering customers to take an active role in the energy transition using AWS serverless services with Iberdrola

In 2021, the company looked to AWS for building the prototype for its Advanced Smart Assistant platform using services like AWS Lambda which connects to any of Iberdrola’s Smart Solutions portfolio and controls them autonomously to reduce a customer’s energy bills and carbon footprint.
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Untitled design - 1

ENGIE looks to AWS to help it innovate and achieve sustainability for its business and customers

Building on AWS, ENGIE drives digital transformation with its Common Data Hub, helps secure businesses with a scalable solution, and powers more than 1,000 machine learning predictive maintenance models at its power plants.

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stock image of power tower
Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy migrates CI/CD to AWS Fargate for 60x faster deployments at 82x lower cost

Digitization is transforming the energy industry. However, at Xcel Energy, a major US electricity and natural gas company, legacy technology infrastructure and a reliance on cloud-service contractors were limiting the benefits of digital development.

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Innovate with key industry partners

AWS Partners offer a diverse and deep set of energy solutions built on AWS that let customers accelerate time to market. Find energy solutions from AWS Partners on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of third-party software, services, and data that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software on AWS.


Accenture is a global professional services company that provides an end-to-end solution to migrate to and manage operations on AWS. Accenture’s staff of 600,000+ bring a full range of energy services for an industry transformation in an increasingly digital world.
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Aspen AIoT Hub provides the integrated data management, edge and cloud infrastructure, and a production-grade AI environment to build, deploy, and host industrial AI applications at enterprise speed and scale.

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The new standard for capital project engineering and design collaboration, UE integrates all process simulation and engineering (1D, 2D and 3D) data in one single data-centric hub on AVEVA's secure cloud environment.

Explore Aveva »


GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM) is a suite of software and services designed to help optimize asset performance and O&M efficiency across equipment, the plant, and the entire fleet.

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IBM helps energy customers drive business performance and optimizing the value chain leveraging technology to enable intelligent workflows enveloped by a hybrid cloud framework.

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Halliburton’s iEnergy is hybrid cloud solution designed to deploy, integrate, and manage sophisticated E&P cloud applications, such as DecisionSpace 365. iEnergy Hybrid Cloud can seamlessly connect customers' assets regardless of whether they reside in a public or iEnergy Stack, a private cloud.

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