Downstream Operations

Improve your site’s safety, reliability, productivity and sustainability performance with innovative, reliable, scalable digital technologies. 

Drive operational excellence in safety, reliability, productivity, and sustainability with innovative digital solutions.

AWS transforms existing plant operations with advanced digital capabilities. Because of the scale and complexity of manufacturing sites, daily workflows are challenging and inefficient to achieve competitive performance. Whether it’s monitoring and managing equipment health and integrity, routine and unplanned maintenance events, predictive analytics, supply and logistics, process and personnel risk and safety, AWS and it’s vast ecosystem of industry-leading partners are transforming process workflows.

Cloud-based digital solutions designed specifically for Downstream Energy businesses - including security, storage, computer vision, robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine-learning (ML) - AWS drives operational excellence at scale.


Downstream Operations - Operations Improvement

Operations Improvement

Profit margins fluctuate with market volatility and plant performance. Implement customized solutions with cutting-edge cloud services to improve performance visibility, real-time and predictive analytics, logistics and supply chain efficiencies, safety performance, and overall operational effectiveness.

Downstream Operations - Innovation at Scale

Innovation at Scale

Digital transformation in manufacturing sites is differentiating shareholder and market value. Transform critical workflows with advanced cloud-based services used and proven by Amazon operations - artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision - to develop real-time predictions, recommendations, and behavioral insights.

Downstream Operations - Enhanced safety

Enhanced Safety and Security

Process and personnel safety is the highest priority in manufacturing sites. Data security and protection are the highest AWS priority. Closely monitor and respond to operational risks with advanced digital solutions, while benefiting from solution architectures built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Downstream Manufacturing Use Cases

Refinery Monitoring & Surveillance

Improve access to industrial data to drive more efficient business outcomes.

Equipment Health & Maintenance

Enhance equipment monitoring to meet environmental goals and identify faulty equipment.

Connected Field Work

Enabling a more connected workforce for greater transparency and operational excellence.

Downstream Logistics Optimization

Optimizing downstream logistics for better business outcomes and greater productivity.

Process Optimization

Improve operations to maximize efficiency, productivity, reliability, and profitability.

Customer Stories

How CEPSA’s data democratization journey inspired Refinery Monitoring and Surveillance

How CEPSA’s data democratization journey inspired Refinery Monitoring and Surveillance

Cepsa’s downstream data transformation journey inspired AWS Refinery Monitoring & Surveillance solution, which enables refining and petrochemical customers to modernize and augment operational, engineering, and business data acquisition, supervision, and visualization.

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Oil pipeline of tanker colored blurred background.

ExxonMobil Global Projects Company Transforms Collaboration Using AWS

ExxonMobil Global Projects Company, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation, entered into an exploratory dialogue with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to see how its technology could help reduce collaboration toil on major capital projects.

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AWS Helps Leading Energy  Company Slash Maintenance Costs

AWS Helps Leading Energy Company Slash Maintenance Costs

Australia’s leading natural gas producer has achieved many benefits of speed, flexibility, and rapid experimentation. A range of AWS’ services and solutions have proved pivotal to the company’s next big goal of increasing operational efficiency.

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