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Transforming Oilfield Operations through a Cloud Process Control Network

Learn how bpx consolidated SCADA systems and Historians into a cloud data lake, optimized operations using machine learning, and enabled real-time edge intelligence with IoT at the wells.

bp Takes a Quantum Leap Towards a Cloud-First Network

In this re:Invent session, bp shared best practices for delivering high-bandwidth low-latency interconnectivity between bp and AWS.

AWS bp Customer Testimonial – Stewart Fry, bp

In this video, Stewart Fry, VP of Enterprise Information Technology and Services for bp, shares the AWS and bp story.

Stewart Fry of bp Talks About Working With AWS on Its Cloud Transformation
Hear how bp is bp is using digital, big data, and advanced technologies to develop new ways to tackle emissions, improve its products, and create new low carbon businesses with AWS. 
Chesapeake Energy: Transforming oil and gas production with AWS

Transforming oil and gas production with AWS: Learn how Chesapeake is maximizing the uptime of oil and gas wells with AWS using Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Batch, and AWS Lambda as the data warehouse.

Webinar replay: SAP on AWS for Oil & Gas

Learn how bp leverage the AWS Cloud and SAP to enhance business performance, accelerate their digital transformation, and streamline operations.

bp accelerates cloud transformation with AWS
bp is an industry leader in the cloud transformation space. Join Keisha Garcia, Director of Cloud Transformation at bp, and Rob Easton, Global Account Executive at AWS, for this webinar on bp's cloud journey.

Webinars and podcasts

Leadership Dialogue with Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services

Andy Jassy explains how the cloud is continually changing the nature of business and explores breakthroughs in energy.

Harnessing the Power of Data Science to Change the Future of Energy

Bill Vass examines the cloud, AI, machine learning and other technologies transforming the energy industry.

SAP on AWS for Oil & Gas

Learn how Energy customers can leverage the AWS Cloud and SAP to enhance business performance.


Practical Approaches for Creating Cloud Fluency
Hear about how bp is responding to their need for skills and talent throughout their cloud adoption.
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Arno van den Haak on Oil and Gas Industry Leaders Podcast
Learn how AWS Energy can transform the core of your operations today and build the foundation for the future of energy with you.
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Leading an Organization Through Cloud Transformation
Keisha Garcia, Cloud Transformation Program Director at bp, shares how she is leading bp through their cloud journey.
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