Manrique Lopez, CEO at Bitergia

 Madrid, Spain

 Hero since 2019

Manrique is the CEO at Bitergia, a software development analytics company, who is passionate about free, libre, open source software development communities. He is a graduate of Industrial Engineering with research and development experience from the Technological Center for Computer Science and Communications of the Principality of Asturias (CTIC), W3C working groups, Ándago Engineering, and Continua Health Alliance. He is the former executive director of the Spanish Open Source Enterprises Association (ASOLIF), and an expert consultant for the Spanish National Open Source Reference Center (CENATIC).

He is involved in several communities related to free, libre, open source software. Currently he is currently active in GrimoireLab, the open source software for software development analytics being integrated with Open Distro for Elasticsearch, and CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software). When he is not online he loves to spend time with his family and surfing.

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