Executive Summary
Visionaries and industry leaders tend to do a few things better than their peers. They sniff out and pounce on opportunities, they are the pathfinders for new markets, and they accelerate away from competition by creating efficiencies. 

Ask yourself a couple of questions. Is your organization a leader?
Are you enabling your best people by giving them the best information platforms that enable them to stand above the crowd?

“Leader or Follower: Which one are you going to be?”

Cloud + Big Data = Opportunity. The chance to scale like never before and run analytics are changing the world for business leaders.

CEOs are better enable to hit market opportunities, respond to crises, rely on data to inform decisions, and act fast without worrying too much about spend.

CFOs can avoid having IT become a significant impact on the bottom line and cash flow, live without fear of software audits, gain visibility into costs, and help the CEO make the right decisions.

CIOs can move away from being viewed as the custodians of cost-centre IT estates and instead add value with projects that deliver results quickly and without enormous budgets being attached.

CMOs can deliver seamless customer insights based on holistic data, target customers precisely, react to market opportunities as they arise, and have implicit faith in the validated data they possess.

Big Data+Cloud can deliver a world of opportunities with many use cases including:

  • Data warehousing
  • Clickstream analytics
  • Fraud detection
  • Internet of Things processing
  • Business intelligence democratisation
  • Machine learning

Now go to the full report to find out more detail, view case studies and discover ways to embark on your Big Data in the cloud journey. 


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