AWS Summit HK


Discover the future of AI at the all-new AWS AI Zone! Immerse yourself in a captivating showcase of live generative AI demos, spanning a diverse range of use cases. Register now and experience it on-site!

AI Demo Trio

  • Amazon Q Business: Boost Productivity with the SharePoint Connector
  • Amazon Sagemaker: Pixel Perfection by Stable Diffusion
  • Amazon Bedrock: Cyber Security Powered by AI

Connected Football Table

Elevate your foosball experience with our connected table! Powered by computer vision, this innovative solution tracks player movements, detects goals, and analyzes ball trajectories, providing valuable insights to enhance the fan experience. Join us at the AWS Summit Hong Kong to witness the future of interactive sports technology.

Generative AI Concierge

Discover the power of generative AI with our interactive 3D concierge! Engage in a captivating dialogue, ask follow-up questions, and explore how you can build your own personalized concierge using Amazon Bedrock. Immerse yourself in the future of conversational AI and unlock new possibilities for customer service, information sharing, and more.

Join us to experience!

Amazon Bedrock Claude 3 - Ask Anything

Empower your workforce with a generative AI assistant that boosts productivity and streamlines workflows. Key Features:

  • Support intuitive natural language interactions, including English & Chinese
  • Bot Personalization: Tailored responses that adapt to individual user preferences and business needs
  • Multimodality: Combine text, images, and other media to provide engaging support

Insights at Your Fingertips: Generative AI for Business Data Analytics

This demo showcases how AWS Bedrock can be integrated with your business data to enable intuitive, natural language-driven data analytics. By bridging the gap between business users and technical data experts, this solution empowers everyone in your organization to quickly gather insights and make informed decisions.