Summit Agenda and Session Guides

AWS Summit London

Wednesday 27 April 2022

What to expect?

This years Summit will be action packed with brand new and exclusive content, sessions ,demos and activities. We are busy working behind the scenes to develop over 80 exciting sessions to discuss topics from how to build your business case for the cloud to performing Chaos in a serverless world. 


08:00- 09:30: Registration
08:00- 17:30: Expo
09:30- 11:00: Keynote
11:15- 17:30: Breakout Sessions
12:30- 14:30: Grab & Go Lunch
17:30- 18:30: Drinks & Networking



  • AI & ML

    Make your Data Science teams 10x more productive with Amazon SageMaker

    Session ID: ML-03 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 3 | Level: 300

    Businesses are flooded with data from online systems, IoT, applications, documents, media and many other human and machine-related sources. Data Science teams must efficiently navigage through this data, and between the business and the technical worlds, to uncover and solve problems that are not even known. Accessing the right tools through a coherent environment that encompasses the different steps of your data workflow is absolutely critical for the productivity of Data Scientist teams. In this sesssion, you will learn how data science teams can significantly increase productivity by leveraging the full potential of Amazon SageMaker to efficiently handle data and machine learning models while solving real business problems.

    Speaker: Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli, Principal, AI/ML Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

    Real Time ML inference on Streaming Data

    Session ID: WS-04 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Capital Suite 4 | Level: 300

    In this workshop, you will learn how to use Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Kinesis Data stream, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, Amazon API Gateway and a Lambda function to generate real time ML inference on streaming data. We will predict taxi fare in real time for the passenger, before passenger boards it based on many factors like distance covered, date/time of the ride, passenger counts etc.


    Hemant Sharma, Sr Partner Solution Architect, AWS
    Sameer Goel, Sr Partner Solution Architect, AWS
    Ahmed Raafat, Sr Solutions Architect, AWS
    Rajesh Tailor, Sr Partner Solution Architect, AWS
    Kunal Arora, Sr Partner Solution Architect, AWS

    Speed-up your ML career with AWS DeepRacer

    Session ID: ML-06 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Capital Suite 7 | Level: 200

    Up-leveling your skills and opening new career opportunities in machine learning can be challenging. AWS DeepRacer is the fastest way to get rolling with machine learning while having fun building your own model for autonomous vehicle driving. In this session, you will learn the foundational components of AWS DeepRacer, get hands-on building your first reinforcement learning-based model, and submit your model for glory and prices on the first global autonomous racing league.

    Speaker: Ananth Balasubramanyam, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS

    Implement MLOps practices with Amazon SageMaker

    Session ID: ML-07 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 5 | Level: 300

    As businesses embrace machine learning across their organizations, manual workflows for building, training, and deploying ML models tend to become bottlenecks to innovation. MLOps is helping companies streamline their end-to-end ML lifecycle and boost productivity of data scientists while maintaining high model accuracy and enhancing security and compliance. In this session, you will dive deep on the Amazon SageMaker purpose-built tools and built-in integrations with other AWS services that can accelerate the adoption of MLOps across your organization.


    Dr Sokratis Kartakis, Snr Customer Delivery Architect AI/ML & MLOps, AWS
    Greig Cowan, Head of Data Science, NatWest Group

    Unleash the power of AI/ML by carefully selecting your use case

    Session ID: ML-01 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Theatre 3 | Level: 200

    Successful business outcomes coming from the application of machine learning technology are strongly associated to the careful selection of its use case. In this session, you will be presented to the most common and impactful AI/ML use cases across different customer industries, and learn how to leverage AWS services, teams and partners to transform your business while optimizing your costs.

    Speaker: Boaz Ziniman, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS

    Build your path towards the Next Gen DevOps by applying AI/ML services

    Session ID: ML-05 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Theatre 6 | Level: 300

    Even though DevOps technology has evolved dramatically over the last few years, there are still many challenges related to the detection of issues related to concurrency, security and handling of sensitive information. Next Gen DevOps is the shift towards more automation and more proactive mechanisms that enable teams to innovate faster with confidence. In this session, you will learn how development teams can leverage machine learning through Amazon DevOps Guru and Amazon CodeGuru to build their paths towards a more efficient and secure Next Gen DevOps practice.

    Speaker: Will Badr, Principal AI/ML Solutions Architect, AWS

    What are you waiting to add AI capabilities to your applications ?

    Session ID: ML-04 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Auditorium | Level: 200

    While most companies around the world and across all industries want to add AI capabilities to their applications and processes, they don't always have the skills or time to develop their own ML models. AWS offers the broadest and most complete set of AI services that can be integrated to your applications without having to become an expert in machine learning. In this session you will have a complete overview of AWS AI services, their underlying pre-trained models, and how they can be used to maker your applications more intelligent.


    Dr Andrew Kane, WW Tech Lead - AI Language Services, AWS
    James Wilson, Distinguished Engineer, Synamedia Limited

    Build powerful machine learning models and improve your analysis capabilities without writing any code

    Session ID: ML-02 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 3 | Level: 200

    Business analysts are increasingly expected to apply machine learning to improve predictions quality and increase business outcomes. However, developing data sciences and data engineering skills to create and maintain ML models can be time consuming and out of the scope of business intelligence teams. In this session, you will be introduced to the recently announced Amazon SageMaker Canvas service, which will enable you to easily build high quality ML models using Amazon SageMaker and AutoML capabilities without having to write any code.

    Speaker: Anastasia Tzeveleka, AIML Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Analytics

    Processing and analysing data streams in near real-time

    Session ID: AN-04 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 7 | Level: 300

    Since the value of data diminishes over time, the promise of near real-time analytics sounds like a great idea. But ingesting large amounts of fast moving data has its own challenges. You need to deal with incomplete or out-of-order data, to dynamically adapt to spikes in your data flows, to reason about data retention and replay, and to have the right semantics and tools to work with streaming data. In this session you will see how AWS can help you ingest, transform, store, analyse, and visualise data in near real-time at any scale.

    Speaker: Javier Ramirez, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

    Modernize your data architecture by getting the most from data lakes and purpose-built databases

    Session ID: AN-01 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Auditorium | Level: 200

    Multiple organization have data currently stored in various silos which leads to inefficiency, scalability, and governance problems. These organizations need new data stores that will scale and grow as business needs change from Gigabytes to Petabytes today, and Exabytes in the future. Come to this session and learn how to build a modern data architecture on AWS where you can store data in a data lakes based on Amazon S3 and use a ring of purpose-built data services, such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon OpenSearch, and Amazon EMR, around the lake to make decisions with speed and agility, at a scale and price/performance that is unmatched in the market.

    Speaker: Paul Armstrong, Lead Architect, Enterprise, AWS

    Get quicker and more valuable insights from your data without having to manage your own data warehouse infrastructure

    Session ID: AN-02 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Theatre 7 | Level: 200

    While organizations are looking to extract more value from their data, and data usage has increased dramatically across different lines of business, analysts, developers and decision makers are becoming more and more dependent of easy to use, performant, flexible and scalable systems, to manage large volumes of data and to obtain high valuable insights. In this session, you'll learn how you can use Amazon Redshift to enables your organization to focus on getting insights from data in seconds, with easy analytics for everyone, without worrying about managing a data warehouse infrastructure.


    Carlos Contreras, Big Data and Analytics Prototyping Architect, AWS
    Toby Ayre, Head of Data & Analytics, Rail Delivery Group

    Level up your data stores with built-in Machine Learning

    Session ID: AN-03 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 6 | Level: 200

    To improve the performance of their machine learning jobs, organizations are bringing their ML stack closer to their data stores. At the same time, it becomes critical to select the best architecte patterns and tools that will ensure the smooth integration and operation of both systems, while keeping them simple to use for analyst teams. In this session you will learn how to use AWS database and analytics services built-in ML features, such as Amazon Aurora ML, Amazon Neptune ML, QuickSight Q, Amazon Redshift ML and Amazon Athena ML, to perform machine learning tasks without having to build, train and manage your own models.

    Speaker: Chara Gravani, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Business Applications

    Supercharge your Contact Center with AI-driven customer experience

    Session ID: BA-01 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 1 | Level: 200

    Contact centers are at the core of your business, working hard to solve critical issues and improve customer experience with every interaction. Your frontline agents need the right information at the right time to delight customers and solve their issues quickly. Attend this session to discover Amazon Connect, a cost-effective and easy to use cloud contact center solution enabling personal, omnichannel, AI-powered customer interactions.


    Nawaz Varda, Sr UKIR Connect Specialist SA, AWS
    James King, Senior Software Engineer, Deliveroo

    Deliver high-quality messaging, screen sharing, audio, and video capabilities in your own apps

    Session ID: BA-02 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Capital Suite 10 | Level: 200

    Your customers are asking to collaborate more effectively within your telemedicine apps, retail apps, gaming apps, and more. By attending this session, you will learn how to leverage a set of SDKs and APIs to embed video and audio capabilities in your apps. Eliminate the cost, complexity, and friction of creating and maintaining real-time communication infrastructure and services.

    Speaker: Jorge Fonseca, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Business Intelligence

    Transform data into information with ML-powered business intelligence

    Session ID: BI-02 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Theatre 2 | Level: 300

    The world produces more data than any human can consume. Today's Business Intelligence tools have to go beyond traditional dashboarding and reporting. By attending this session you will learn how to leverage machine-learning capabilities of Amazon QuickSight to curate a data-driven culture by turning data into an easily accessible organizational assets, where anyone could leverage data to make quick innovative decision regardless of skillset.

    Speaker: Li Ma, Solution Architect, AWS

    Enhance your apps by embedding interractive analytics dashboards and reports

    Session ID: BI-02 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 4 | Level: 200

    Embedding analytics into your application can accelerate growth by offering a differentiated product through enabling end user to engage with compelling data-driven experiences. Do not reinvent the wheel. In this session, you will learn how to embedd customisable and interractive analytics dashbord from Amazon QuickSight into your applications.

    Speaker: Roy Yung, QuickSight Specialist SA, AWS

  • Cloud Operations

    Control, Manage and Optimize AWS Costs

    Session ID: C0-03 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 4 | Level: 200

    Take control of your AWS spend and make the best out of AWS billing and cost management services. Join our discussion and explore ways to monitor AWS cost and usage, improve budgets settings and address cost spikes proactively. Learn about resources, tools and techniques you can use to track spend and optimize cost based on your spend patterns.

    Speaker: Nataliya Godunok, Specialist Technical Account Manager, AWS

    Improve application availability and performance with observability services.

    Session ID: CO-01 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 1 | Level: 300

    Downtime in applications and services or degradation in performance may cost you a lot of money and poor customer experience. Therefore, it becomes critical to have full visibility of the state of your workloads with the ability to identify and resolve any issue as close to real-time as possible. In this session, you will learn how you can use AWS and open source tools to implement observability, a key enabler to a highly performant and reliable application. You will learn how to instrument metrics, logs and traces and the services to help you correlate and gain insights into operations issues.

    Speaker: Ozioma Uzoegwu, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

    The Building Blocks of CloudOps

    Session ID: CO-02 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Theatre 4 | Level: 200

    Finding prescriptive guidance that helps you move quickly to the cloud while efficiently managing costs is not always easy. By adopting the AWS Cloud Operations model customers can achieve outcomes such as business agility, staff productivity, cost savings. In this session, you will learn about the three key elements of the AWS Cloud Operations model and how these are integral in creating a sustainable and cost effective workload in AWS, on-premises, or your hybrid environments. This will include best practices on setting guardrails, building automation, and visualizing your successes to engrain AWS Cloud Operations into your company.


    Stephanie Gooch, Commercial Architect, AWS
    Adrian Shand,  IT Manager  Cloud Services, The Met 

  • Databases

    What is the right database for you?

    Session ID: DB-02 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 2 | Level: 300

    Organizations are adopting new and distributed models to build modern applications in a more agile, innovative and efficient fashion. The approach one size fits all has no longer a place in moder organizations. In this session, you will discover the AWS broadest and deepest portfolio of more than 15 purpose-built database engines, and learn how to select the right tool for the right job, so that your development team can have access to the database that better meet their application’s unique requirements.


    Akanksha Sheoran, Sr Business Development Manager EMEA Public Sector, AWS
    Stuart Grant, Co Founder, Solutions Ltd

    Migrate your database to AWS with ease

    Session ID: DB-01 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Theatre 1 | Level: 300

    Managing on-premises databases, or even self-managed cloud solutions, can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. While looking for better solutions, manually planning and migrating databases can be challenging and error prone, usually required very specialised skills. In this session, you will learn how AWS and its partners have helped migrate over 500K customer databases to AWS managed database solutions. You will also learn how to use AWS self-service migration tools like AWSDMS and SCT, AWS teams, and AWS programs such as Database Freedom and Database Migration Accelerator, that will accelerate your data base migration and modernization strategy.


    Paurav Chudasama, Sr DB Specialty Architect SME, AWS
    Mark Teuton, EDF Energy Plc, Senior Manager of Business Solutions

    Break free from your old database and start your data modernization journey

    Session ID: DB-03 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Theatre 8 | Level: 300

    Organizations are increasingly focusing on building a modern data strategy to deliver insights to the people and applications that need it, securely and at scale. In this session, you will learn how you can leverage AWS database services, teams, and partners, to start your journey towards data modernization that include (1) migrating data infrastructure to the cloud and gaining security, agility and elasticity; (2) reduce license fees; (3) automate the undifferentiated heavy lifting by adopting managed database services; and (4) adopting purpose-built databases for different types of applications.


    Mike Revitt, Database Migration Specialist, AWS
    Andrew Flegg, CTO, Alfa Financial Software

  • EC2 Compute

    What is new in Amazon EC2?

    Session ID: CP-01 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Theatre 1 | Level: 200

    Organizations today want to optimize performance and cost and tailor infrastructure to meet their workload and business needs. To do so, they need access to both the broadest and deepest portfolio of compute options that gives them the choice and flexibility to run their workloads on their terms. This session provides an overview of what’s new to the Amazon EC2 portfolio, including updates on Amazon EC2 capabilities, instance families, and Amazon EC2 edge and hybrid offerings.

    Speaker: Jon Hammant, Head of Compute for UK & Ireland, AWS

    Discover the full power of HPC on AWS and free your organization from infrastructure constraints

    Session ID: CP-03 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 2 | Level: 300

    High Performance Computing (HPC) has always been about utilizing the most effective technologies to solve the world’s most complex problems. However, many HPC customers have been constrained by the need to purchase and deploy on-premises infrastructure in order to gain access to the best technologies for their applications. AWS HPC allows customers can innovate beyond the limitations of on-premises HPC infrastructure. In this session, we will show you how to create and manage HPC environment with AWS ParallelCluster, access 400 Gbps networking with Elastic Fabric Adapter, and chose from nearly 500 different Amazon EC2 instances to run your largest, most complex HPC workloads in the cloud.


    Neil Ashton, Computational Engineering Tech Strategy Lead, AWS
    David K. Miller, Distinguished Engineer, Arm

    Get inside the AWS silicon innovation and understand how it benefits your organization

    Session ID: CP-04 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 5 | Level: 200

    Decision makers and practitioners are continually looking for the optimal performance for their workloads at lower costs. In addition to providing over 475 Amazon EC2 instances with a combination of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capabilities to best support customers’ workloads, AWS also innovates on their behalf and delivers breakthrough innovations at the silicon level. In this session, explore AWS’s journey into silicon innovation, started with the AWS Nitro System but quickly extended to AWS Graviton processors and purpose-built machine learning chips with AWS Inferentia and AWS Trainium, get insights into the price performance benefits you can get from all these innovations.

    Speaker: Samir Araújo de Souza, AI/ML Solutions Architect, AWS

    Reinvent hybrid and extend AWS to your on-premises and edge environments

    Session ID: CP-02 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 7 | Level: 200

    Enterprises are adopting the cloud at a rapid pace to reduce costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. While most workloads can be easily migrated to the cloud, some workloads remain on premises or in edge nodes due to low-latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements. AWS is reinventing hybrid and edge computing by extending AWS infrastructure and services to customers, wherever they need it, for a truly consistent AWS experience across cloud, on premises, and at the edge. In this session, you will learn how you can use AWS Outposts, Local Zones, Wavelength, and Snow Family to bring native AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to your premises, 5G networks, large metro centers, and edge locations to deliver a truly consistent hybrid experience.


    Jurgen Hofkens, EMEA Head of Compute Solutions Architects, AWS
    Steve Hunt, Senior Infrastructure Director, FanDuel

  • End User Computing

    Using devops methods to manage Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0

    Session ID: EU-01 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Capital Suite 10 | Level: 200

    The last two years reinforced the need to provide your workforce with applications or desktops where they are, at any time, from any device. Now you're asking this is good and as I iterate, can it be better? How can I scale faster? What can I do to improve security posture? By attending this session, learn how to use devops methods to deploy, manage, and monitor your Amazon Workspaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 deployments. Hear how the team at used these methods to increase efficiency and reduce costs by almost 50% to support their customer services team.


    Andrew Wood, Principal EUC Spec SA, AWS
    Nathan Douglas-Jones, DevOps Manager,

  • Enterprise

    Amazon Culture of Innovation

    Session ID: ET-03 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Theatre 7 | Level: 100

    Times of crisis create an opportunity to collaborate, invent and adapt to better serve customers, increasing our need to build for the future. Wherever you are in your journey, AWS can help you accelerate and reach your goals of a better future.


    Olga Shoraka, EMEA Startups Sales Strategy and Operations Lead, AWS
    Alex Ene, Principal Software Engineer, EMEA Startups Sales Strategy and Operations Lead

    Reinvent your business with people and culture first, technology next

    Session ID: ET-02 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 3 | Level: 100

    Many enterprises fail to realize their full potential through reinvention because there is a misconception that digital transformation is just a technology problem. To the contrary, research and experience reveal that enterprises must prioritize their people and culture if they wish to compete in the new economy and fend off “digital-natives”. By attending this session, you will learn how AWS works backward from the your chosen outcomes to provide guidance, solutions, programs, and services that enable your enterprise to successfully reinvent.

    Speaker: Matt Pitchford, Senior Manager Solutions Architecture, AWS

    Build your business case for the cloud

    Session ID: ET-01 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Theatre 2 | Level: 200

    Many companies struggle to build a solid business case for cloud adoption. Using familiar methods, you tend to focus on infrastructure costs and do not identify the true ROI of cloud adoption. Attend this session to learn how to build a cloud business case and to justify your cloud investments. You will understand opportunities to maximize return on investment. You will learn best practices to better quantify and maximize your cloud business value.

    Speaker: Mike Stevenson, Senior Engagement Manager, AWS

    Building the foundation for cloud governance

    Session ID: ET-04 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Theatre 3 | Level: 200

    Establishing the right foundation is critical to hosting production workloads on AWS. Learn to build a multi-account environment and review ways to configure centralized billing, controls, and guardrails

    Speaker: Sharique Kamal, AWS Technical Instructor, AWS

  • Front-End Web & Mobile

    Full stack web and mobile development with cloud-based backend

    Session ID: FM-01 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Theatre 5 | Level: 200

    Front-end developers are responsible for building the great user experiences we consume today via web and mobile applications. In this talk, you will learn how to increase your productivity as a front-end developer. We will show you how AWS Amplify, AppSync, Device Farm, and Amazon Location Service work together to provide the tools and services to accelerate your application development and innovate faster.


    Mirabela Dan, Startup Solutions Architect, AWS
    Deepak Chandar, AWS Application Architect, Compass Group PLC

  • Industry

    Modernizing Financial Services on AWS

    Session ID: IN-01 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Capital Suite 11 | Level: 200

    Financial services customers today recognize the need to change in response to customer demands. Accelerated by the pandemic, macro trends across the industry are disrupting business models and driving technology modernization as IT becomes ever more central to delivering business value.

    In this session we will talk about how financial services customers are modernizing their legacy systems to meet customer expectations for digital channels and personalized experiences. We will talk about how customers are accelerating their development practices to reduce the time-to-market for new products and services. And we will introduce key machine learning and data analytics capabilities that are enabling customers to focus on what sets them apart in the market place.


    Jason Barto, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
    Neil Stephenson, Vice President, SaaS Client Management

    RS Industria – Building an Industrial IoT Platform on AWS

    Session ID: IN-03 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Capital Suite 7 | Level: 200

    In this breakout session you will hear how RS Components has built a real time Industrial IoT platform, RS Industria, on AWS. Learn how RS Components and AWS worked together in this ambitious project to build a truly scalable, end to end and flexible IIoT platform for RS Components’ customers. Join us to hear about the journey over the last two and half years as we share the experiences and lessons learned by both RS Components and AWS in creating RS Industria.


    Gary Emmerton, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
    Mike Bray, Senior VP for Innovation, R&D, Electrocomponents Ltd

    Unleashing the value of UKTV content with AWS Media2Cloud

    Session ID: IN-02 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Capital Suite 11 | Level: 200

    For British broadcaster UKTV, the move to the cloud has been central to reengineering its media supply chain. It moved from a largely outsourced model of media management and processing, to an in-house managed cloud based system. In this session learn how UKTV integrated AWS Media2Cloud solution to improve visibility, cost and operational performance.


    Paul Andrews, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
    Robbie Pallas, Lead Developer, UKTV

    How Holland and Barrett and other retailers are going beyond Retail using AWS

    Session ID: IN-04 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Capital Suite 11 | Level: 200

    Discover how Retail customers are building on AWS to innovate into this unpredictable world. . How do they deliver a reliable and scalable customer facing omni-channel e-commerce, edge-computing architecture and Data to delight their customers. In this session, you can discover how the team at Holland & Barrett are building for the future with AWS, developing a future proof tech stack to support their business ambition, enabling data-driven decisions and driving their omnichannel journey. The session will also share how Holland & Barrett are going beyond retail, with wellness solutions from diagnostics to virtual consultations, to be there for customers when they need the most.


    Bastien Leblanc, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
    Sathya Nandakumar, Chief Technology Officer, Holland and Barrett

    Creating a sustainable energy future by turning off wind farms

    Session ID: IN-05 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Capital Suite 11 | Level: 200

    As energy grid generation transitions to distributed renewable sites, data collection from, and remote management of these sites becomes ever more important to balance generation with demand. In this talk, learn how the power of the AWS cloud can be harnessed to solve new challenges being introduced through increased adoption of renewable sources. And how KrakenFlex are using AWS to innovate and bring flexibility to a legacy grid.


    Thomas Attree, Solutions Architect, AWS
    Andy Molineux, Development Director, Co-Founder, KrakenFlex

  • IoT

    Extend your device capabilities with AWS edge computing

    Session ID: IO-02 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Theatre 5 | Level: 300

    As organizations chart their path toward digital transformation, they are incorporating more edge technology into their business operations to help improve application performance and reduce costs. In this session, you will learn to extend the connectivity and capabilities of your devices using AWS edge services that provide infrastructure and software for you to deliver data processing, analysis, and storage as close to your end-points as necessary.

    Speaker: Nick Donkor, IoT Consultant | AWS Professional Services

    Unlock the potential of your IoT data

    Session ID: IO-01 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Capital Suite 10 | Level: 200

    There are currently billions of connected devices in homes, factories, oil wells, hospitals, cars, and thousands of other places that are fueling digital transformation, generating huge volumes of data and imposing multiple challenges related to device management and data processing. In this session, you will learn how to use AWS IoT services to securely connect and manage billions of devices and to unlock your data through analytics and machine learning services.


    Paul Shiner, Senior IoT Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
    Scott Mackenzie, BTB Product Owner, Britvic

    Build and deploy Industrial IoT projects faster with AWS for Industrial

    Session ID: IO-03 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Capital Suite 7 | Level: 300

    Organization from manufacturing, energy, mining, automotive, and agriculture and many other industries are leveraging IoT technology to drive faster and better decisions. In this session, you will learn more about AWS for Industry initiative and how it can simplify your process of building and deploying innovative IoT, AI/ML, analytics and edge solutions to improve the operational efficiency, quality, and agility of your organization.


    Emilia Brzozowska, Specialist Solutions Architect for Manufacturing, EMEA, AWS
    Charlie Harris, CTO, Octopus Hydrogen

  • Marketplace

    Transform your technology procurement and governance approach with AWS Marketplace

    Session ID: MK-01 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Capital Suite 10 | Level: 100

    Digital innovation has magnified the need of organizations to accelerate the adoption of new technologies. Also, as these organizations move to the cloud aiming for better security, availability and scalability for their services, it becomes critical to ensure a seamless migration and management of adopted technologies to cloud environments. In this session we will guide you through the features of the AWS Marketplace and how it can transform the way your organization approaches procurement, provisioning, and governance of innovative technologies.

    Speaker: Lisa Lewison, Principal AWS Marketplace and Control Services, AWS

  • Migrations

    SAP Cloud migration & modernization with AWS

    Session ID: MI-02 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Capital Suite 7 | Level: 200

    Migrating SAP systems to the cloud is a central part of many customers’ strategy to modernize and future proof their core business functions and disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need to accelerate this journey. In this session, you will hear how Dunelm accelerated its development into a customer-first business through a digital transformation, building micro services and by migrating SAP to AWS in just 6 months, allowing them to improve SAP performance by 30%, increase developer productivity and rapidly adapt their business processes to meet customer demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Adam Hill, Worldwide Tech Leader - SAP, AWS
    Tom Hayman, Director of Platform and Operations, Worldwide Tech Leader - SAP 

    Migrate, Modernise and Protect with VMware Cloud on AWS

    Session ID: MI-01 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Theatre 4 | Level: 200

    In today’s digital transformation era, organisations are looking for a hybrid cloud service they can trust to run production applications across their on-premises and cloud environment, without disrupting existing operations. Join us to see how VMware Cloud on AWS, along with VMware HCX and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, provides organisations with a familiar, reliable and cost efficient way to migrate, operate and protect their VMware workloads using the AWS cloud. And once organisations are using VMware Cloud on AWS, we’ll cover how they can then go on to modernise those workloads with optimised access to AWS services.


    Chris Porter, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
    David Mawson, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Sage Plc

    Migrate and modernize your Microsoft workloads

    Session ID: MI-03 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Capital Suite 7 | Level: 200

    AWS offers a broad set of global compute, database, application, and deployment services that use and are designed to work with Microsoft technologies. Come learn how to transform your mission-critical applications by leveraging AWS cloud-native tools for migrating and modernizing Microsoft workloads.

    Speaker: Amir Khairalomoum, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Modern Application

    Supercharge your Devops practice

    Session ID: DO-01 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 1 | Level: 200

    Whether you are just starting your DevOps journey with IaC, modernizing it with CI/CD or optimizing it with observability, you can build a DevOps experience that is right for you by adopting from a broad array of AWS managed services that allow your teams to focus on their business logic rather than the undifferentiated heavy lifting of manually installing, patching, operating and monitoring various DevOps tools and infrastructure.


    Malcolm Orr, Senior Consultant , AWS
    Raymond Hwang, Senior DevOps Transformation Manager, British Telecom

    Best practices to design and build event-driven applications

    Session ID: MA-02 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Auditorium | Level: 300

    Event-driven architectures are encouraged for building distributed applications as they help to reduce the coupling between the systems and the speed of teams. Building event-driven applications requires a change in mindset. This new mindset will help you design the system in a way that everything gets documented, the events can be traced, and the application can scale.

    In this session, you will learn the key elements in this new mindset. For example, how to design event-driven applications, how to build them in AWS using Amazon EventBridge, and many best practices for making sure that your EventBridge applications are maintainable and extensible.

    Speaker: Marcia Villalba, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS Serverless

    Architect a multi-tenant SaaS application in the Cloud

    Session ID: MA-05 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 8 | Level: 200

    Transforming your application towards a multi-tenant SaaS model is hard as you have to take care things like deployments, tenant isolation and noisy neighbours. Solutions from the SaaS Factory help customers in this journey when building a multi-tenant SaaS application.


    Tom Ellis, SA Manager, ISV, AWS
    Pom Sabharwal, Technical Sales and Solutions Lead for Europe, Eurasia & Sub-Sahara Africa, Haliburton

    Automate everything with Infrastructure as Code

    Session ID: DO-02 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Theatre 8 | Level: 200

    Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) enables organizations to define their desired infrastructure using a configuration file or code, and programmatically create it to ensure consistency and repeatability. This session shows you how to use Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to model your infrastructure using Python, Java or Typescript. You will learn how to use high-level components called constructs that preconfigure cloud resources with proven default. AWS CDK provisions your resources in a safe, repeatable manner through AWS CloudFormation.


    Gerrard Cowburn, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
    Matt Coulter, Senior Architect, Liberty IT

    Reduce your operational burden to deploy containers

    Session ID: MA-01 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Theatre 2 | Level: 200

    You are using containers to stay agile during the develoment and deployment of your applications. But doing so at scale brings a new realm of challenges and operational burden. In this session, learn about AWS managed containers services, such as Amazon ECS and EKS, and serverless deployments (AWS Fargate) help to reduce your operational efforts. Using these services allow you to free up time to focus on your application differenciators and functionalities.


    Darren Paxton, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
    Toby O'Rourke, Chief Technology Officer, FundApps

    But what is a modern application anyway?

    Session ID: MA-03 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Auditorium | Level: 300

    Organizations tell us they have to modernize the way they build and operate applications. Modern applications are built with a combination of modular architecture patterns, serverless operational models and agile developer processes. Attend this session to learn how AWS Container Services and serverless technologies, like AWS Lambda, simplify operations and reduce management overheads like orchestration and infrastructure provisioning.


    Matheus Guimaraes, Senior Developer Advocate UK/IR, AWS
    Colum Thorne, Vice President, Software Engineering, RenaissanceRe

    Thinking Asynchronously: application integration patterns for microservices

    Session ID: MA-06 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 8 | Level: 300

    When applying a microservices architecture a lot of communication is done over the network. For better resilience and flexibility, this communication should happen asynchronously and in a loosely coupled manner. In this session, you will explore some fundamental integration- and conversation-patterns. Connect them to real-world use cases (which aren’t only to microservices). Learn how end-user clients can communicate using synchronous APIs whilst still taking advantage of asynchronous communication for the processing under the hood.

    Speaker: Rebekah Kulidzan, Solutions Architect, AWS

    Designing resilient and well-architected apps with Chaos Engineering

    Session ID: WS-05 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Capital Suite 4 | Level: 200

    Distributed systems are complex and unpredictable, which can lead to undesirable outcomes. Traditional testing methods do not apply well for this complexity and makes assertions based on existing knowledge. Many organizations see the need for chaos engineering as a practice to gain new knowledge about the system, but does not know where or how to begin practically applying it as it is viewed as difficult to get started with.
    Well-architected applications are designed and built to be secure, high-performing and resilient. You need to test your application and validate that it operates as designed, and is resilient to failures. In this workshop, you will learn how to apply chaos engineering using AWS Fault Injection Simulator, stress your application, simulate disruptive events, and observe how the system responds. This will enable you to iteratively improve the resiliency and performance of your system using architecture best practices.

    Speaker: James Kuhlke/Ronan Prenty, Senior Solution Architect, AWS

    Accelerate Application Modernization for .NET and Java: AWS App2Container (A2C)

    Session ID: MA-04 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Capital Suite 10 | Level: 200

    AWS App2Container (A2C) is a command-line tool that helps re-platform your existing .NET Framework, .NET Core and Java applications into containerized applications. With A2C, you can easily modernize your existing applications, standardize the deployment and operations through containers and accelerate application transformation journey. The session will also include a technical demo for A2C.

    Speaker: Alexander Dragunov, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

    Image Processing Workshop

    Session ID: WS-06 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Capital Suite 4 | Level: 200

    Learn how to build a Serverless image processing workflow to orchestrate a simulated business process that allows uploading a profile picture, checking the photo for uniqueness, generating a thumbnail, and persisting metadata that associates the user with the photo. This session covers AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Simple Notification Service.


    Michael Hume Senior Solutions Architect, AWS WWPS EMEA SA - VAR,
    Ben Moses Senior Solutions Architect, AWS WWCS Geo Solutions Architect,
    Luca Mezzalira Principal Solutions Architect, AWS WWCS Geo Solutions Architect,
    Melash Moodley Specialist SA, Migration, AWS WWCO Geo-Spec Solutions Architect-VAR,
    Joe Georgekutty Chalangady AWS Solutions Architect Appren, WWPS Solution Architecture

  • Networking & Global Infrastructure

    Seven design patterns to increase the availability of your online applications

    Session ID: NT-02 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 6 | Level: 300

    The availability of your online application can be impacted by many events, such as network congestion on the internet, server failures, service failures, malicious activity, faulty software updates, and more. Join us in this session to learn about seven advanced patterns using AWS Edge services Amazon CloudFront, AWS Global Accelerator, AWS WAF, and AWS Shield, that you can implement now to address common availability risks that threaten your application.

    Speaker: Itai Rogers Chinyadza, Technical Account Manager, AWS

    Building hybrid network connectivity with AWS

    Session ID: NT-03 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Theatre 6 | Level: 300

    Hybrid connectivity enables organizations to run workloads that span AWS and on-premises environments without compromising performance. The AWS approach to hybrid connectivity provides customers with the services needed to connect their networks to AWS resources, run AWS services wherever they need them, and add the capabilities of AWS global infrastructure to their networks. In this session, you will learn how to use AWS services such as Site-to-Site VPN, Direct Connect, and Client VPN, plus the new DX SiteLink and Cloud WAN services, to architect hybrid networks that will improve the connectivity of your services - whether they running in the cloud, on-premises, or at the 5G network edge.

    Speaker: Nicola Arnoldi, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

    Build strong network foundations on AWS

    Session ID: NT-01 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Auditorium | Level: 200

    Building strong network foundations is critical for organizations that are constantly expanding their networks to connect new devices, environment and applications. It can reduce network complexity, improve security posture, and upgrade your ability to monitor and manage your network while also lowering costs. In this session, we will walk you through the fundamentals of Amazon VPC, and you will learn design best practices, how to choose and configure your IPv4 and IPv6 space, subnetting, routing, security, NAT, and much more. We will then consider different approaches and use cases for connecting your VPC to a physical data center using a AWS VPN and AWS Direct Connect.

    Speaker: Laura Verghote, Associate Technical Trainer, AWS

  • Robotics

    Run your robots in the cloud

    Session ID: RO-01 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Capital Suite 10 | Level: 300

    Robots usage is increasing across a variety of use cases requiring them to react in real time to changing conditions. Developing and deploying intelligent robots is a complex and time-consuming process. When attending this session you will learn from two decades of and AWS operational excellence to build AWS IoT RoboRunner and AWS RoboMaker and how these can help robotics developers build intelligent robot applications and the applications needed to manage robots at scale.

    Speaker: Sohan Maheshwar, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

  • Security

    Raise the bar of your security standards with AWS native security services

    Session ID: SE-01 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Auditorium | Level: 300

    As your organization develops next-gen cloud native applications and modernizes existing workloads by migrating to cloud, you need to extend your visibility and controls to improve your security posture with maintaining operational efficiency. In this session, you will learn how to use native AWS security services, such as such as Amazon GuardDuty, AWS SecurityHub, Amazon Inspector, Amazon Detective, and Amazon Macie, to achieve continuous threat detection, route workflows, and minimize remediation time.


    Diana Alvarado, Sr. Technical Account Manager, AWS
    Oisin De Conduin, Director Of Engineering, Xtremepush

    Scale Permissions Management in AWS w/ Attribute-Based Access Control

    Session ID: SE-03 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Theatre 6 | Level: 300

    Central administrators need scalable mechanisms to set granular permissions as their organizations grow. In this session, we discuss how to scale permissions management by relying on workforce and resource attributes. We introduce attribute-based access control (ABAC) and share how AWS enables you to author permission rules that scale with your organization to simplify permissions management. We share best practices for using tags to implement ABAC; we demonstrate how administrators can create policies and govern tags to grant developers access to AWS resources in their projects; and we show how permissions automatically apply as developers add resources to their projects. It is assumed that attendees are familiar with AWS permissions.

    Speaker: Leela Lagudu, Security guy, AWS

    Protect your most valuable assets with AWS native and partner-provided data protection services

    Session ID: SE-02 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 4 | Level: 200

    As data becomes the most valuable asset within organizations around the glove, you need a secure cloud environment that provides you with the ability to manage the privacy controls of your data, control how your data is used, who has access to it, and where and how it is encrypted. In this session, you will understand how. native AWS data protection services, such as AWS Key Management Service, AWS SecretsManager, AWS Certificate Manager, and AWS CloudHSM, as well as partner services, can provide you with granular controls over access and policy enforcement, allowing you to build a highly secure foundation for your data.

    Speaker: Patrick Palmer, Sr. Security Specialist SA, AWS

    Threat detection & remediation in the Cloud

    Session ID: SE-05 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 7 | Level: 300

    This session provides an overview of the latest developments in AWS threat detection and remediation. We also provide an overview of the AWS services used to detect and remediate threats.

    Speaker: Rodrigo Ferroni, STAM - Security Specialist, AWS

    Use Identity Federation (Login with Google, Signin With Apple) in your web and mobile apps.

    Session ID: SE-04 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Capital Suite 7 | Level: 300

    In this talk, you will learn how to include Federated SignIn in your web and mobile application. We will first use AWS Amplify and Amazon Cognito to implement cloud-based authentication in your web and mobile application. In the second part we will dive deeper into native federation capabilities (like "Sign In With Apple") and show how to reconciliate native user authentication in mobile app with cloud-based authentication.

    Speaker: Hexen Wilson, Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Storage

    Realize the full potential of your files within the cloud

    Session ID: ST-03 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 6 | Level: 200

    Managing on-premises file storage can be complex, and more and more customers are moving their file storage to AWS to improve agility, reduce cost, and scale faster. Organizations are also embracing serverless and containers for modernizing their applications, which adds additional questions while selecting the best persistent storage as part of their workflow. In this session, you will hear about the latest Amazon FSx and Amazon EFS capabilities, gain best practices, and explore common use cases to help you quickly move, extend, and protect your file-based workloads to the cloud. You will also learn how to use Amazon EFS with Amazon Lambda, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS to simplify your modern application development.

    Speaker: Promise Owolabi, Storage Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

    Innovate faster and safely by choosing the right storage service in the cloud

    Session ID: ST-01 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Theatre 7 | Level: 200

    As ubiquitous growth of data, both in volume and relevance for modern organizations, has imposed unprecedented challenges in terms of data management. Such challenges are some times not compatible with traditional on-premises storage and require a transition to the cloud to improve security, availability and cost-efficiency. Selecting the right storage service is a critical step for building the foundation of your cloud data architecture. In this session, you will learn what are your AWS storage options for object, block and file storage, including hybrid and edge options, and understand how these services can integrate with other AWS services such as analytics and ML so that you can unleash the full potential of your data.


    Simon Percival, Senior Solution Architect, AWS
    Seb Maynard, Technical Director, LiveOps, Creative Assembly, A Sega Studio

    What’s new in Amazon S3?

    Session ID: ST-02 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 8 | Level: 300

    The exponential growth of data means that you need a secure, performant and cost-efficient data architecture that enables you to turn data into value. With Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), organizations of all sizes and industries are able to store any amount of data for any use case, including data lakes, analytics applications, archive, backup and restore, and disaster recovery. In this session, we will dive you into the recently launched S3 storage classes and features such as S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, and share best practices on how use the new tiers and automatic tiering to make realise significant cost savings, without impacting usability. We’ll also look at how you can use S3 Object Lambda to do just-in-time transformation of objects in your data lake. Finally, we’ll take a look at the new additional Checksum Algorithms for Amazon S3 and how you can use them to ensure that what you PUT is what you’ll GET.


    Martin Bishop, Chief Technologist, UK Public Sector, AWS

    Andrew Kutsy, Principal PMT S3, AWS

  • Well-Architected

    Resilient and well-architected apps with chaos engineering

    Session ID: AR-03 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 5 | Level: 300

    Well-architected applications are designed and built to be secure, high-performing and resilient. You need to test your application and validate that it operates as designed, and is resilient to failures. In this session, you will learn how to apply chaos engineering using AWS Fault Injection Simulator, stress your application, simulate disruptive events, and observe how the system responds. This will enable you to iteratively improve the resiliency and performance of your system using architecture best practices.

    Speaker: Gunnar Grosch, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

    Are you well architected?

    Session ID: AR-01 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 2 | Level: 200

    Today’s organizations are commonly looking for prescriptive guidance to ensure their workloads are adhering to architectural best practices. Now more than ever, it is imperative to build strong, foundational architectures that are high-performing, secure, reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable. By attending this session, you will be able to evaluate your workloads to understand high-risk issues in your architecture using the AWS Well-Architected Tool.


    Andrew Robinson, Well-Architected SA Lead, EMEA, AWS
    Ray Siripan, Global Enterprise Cloud Architect, TUI Group

    Towards continuous resilience

    Session ID: AR-02 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Theatre 4 | Level: 200

    Development teams have traditionally tried to avoid outages by building complex, robust software systems where making changes was difficult. These methods have a simple objective: reducing the time between failures. However, today’s business successes rely on fast delivery of resilient software in order to stay competitive. Modern methods take a different approach, promoting fast and automated recovery from failure instead of avoiding it. Continuous resilience embraces resilient patterns throughout the overall software delivery pipeline, including building, deploying, and maintaining the systems. This session highlights the most useful principles for building continuously resilient applications and provides examples to help you improve resilience.

    Speaker: Veliswa Boya, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

    Architecting for sustainability

    Session ID: AR-05 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 1 | Level: 300

    AWS is focused on efficiency in every aspect of our infrastructure, and builders can accelerate the sustainability of their workloads through optimization and informed architecture patterns. This session dives deep into techniques recommended by the AWS Well-Architected Framework and provides direction on reducing the energy and carbon impact of AWS architectures. Learn about user patterns, software design, and AWS service considerations, which organizations of any size can apply to their workloads.

    Speaker: Andrew Morrow, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

    Scaling up to your first 10 million users

    Session ID: AR-04 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Theatre 5 | Level: 200

    Cloud computing gives you a number of advantages, such as the ability to scale your web application or website on demand. If you have a new web application and want to use cloud computing, you might be asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Join us in this session to understand best practices for scaling your resources from one user to millions of users. We show you how to best combine different AWS services, how to make smarter decisions for architecting your application, and how to scale your infrastructure and serverless components in the cloud.

    Speaker: Dr Mike Rizzo, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Public Sector

    Session ID: PS-01 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Capital Suite 15 & 16 | Level: 200

    Businesses large and small, governments new and old, have all had to change what they do and how they operate, and these transformations show no signs of slowing down. Emerging technology trends such as mixed reality, accessible robotics and smarter devices are starting to drive radical change across a range of sectors. We’ll look at how different industries such as education, healthcare and travel could be impacted, and how you can embrace change to delight your customers and citizens.


    Matt Johnson, Chief Technologist, UK Public Sector, AWS
    Charlie Anderson, Sales Leader - United Nations, AWS

    How to tackle legacy systems and inertia to create data-driven public services

    Session ID: PS-02 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Capital Suite 15 & 16 | Level: 100

    The regional operating environment is by its nature complex, with local authorities across the UK delivering hundreds of different services to their residents, some directly supporting the most vulnerable members of our society. Providing these services is made harder by legacy systems, which are inoperable and expensive, making data fragmented, inaccessible, and lacking integrity.

    Join this panel to hear how government leaders have broken down barriers to get value from their data, secure it better, and reduce costs. The panel will share the tools and methodologies they used, the outcomes and benefits they achieved, and look ahead to what’s next for data-driven citizen services.


    Matt Cain, Head of Customer Services, Digital and Data, Hackney Council

    Sarah Pena, Emerging Technologies Lead, Swindon Council
    Laura Gilbert, Chief Analyst at 10 Downing Street
    Malcolm Lowe, Director of IT, Transport for Greater Manchester

    Digital Skills: Creating opportunity for all

    Session ID: PS-03 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Capital Suite 15 & 16 | Level: 100

    Want to encourage more girls to consider a career in tech? Equip students with cloud skills? Retrain your workforce to fill tech-talent roles? Or reskill to create a new pipeline of talent? There’s an AWS digital skills programme for every age and stage. Learn more about how AWS can help you to address the digital skills shortage.


    Nicola Gallen, Business Development Manager, Devolved Nations, AWS Public Sector

    Lorna Edwards, AWS Get IT External Ambassador, Abertay University
    Daniel Flood, Lecturer at Coventry University, MA BSc (Hons) PgCAPHE, MBCS FHEA
    Claire Spiller, Senior Manager EMEA, AWS re/Start Programme

    Leading with purpose: What does it take to create sustainable, social impact?

    Session ID: PS-04 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Capital Suite 15 & 16 | Level: 100

    Hear from AWS customers in a panel discussion about how they have crafted their visions, overcome obstacles, and used technology to help drive their missions forward, as we explore the critical importance of creating positive, sustainable, social impact.

    Innovation is key to achieving sustainability goals, and in this discussion we will explore how AWS customers are using technology to drive social, environmental and economic impacts for communities around the world.


    Steve Normyle, Account Manager NPO, AWS

    Simone Hume, Head of UK Not for Profits, AWS
    John Bambers, Chief Engineer, Places for People
    Ruth Dearnley, CEO, STOP THE TRAFFIK
    Billy Dan, Business Development Manager Social Change, Thoughtworks
    Comic Relief – Aleema Shivji, Executive Director, Impact & Investment

    Responsive transformation: How to get where those forward-thinking public sector organisations are going

    Session ID: PS-05 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Capital Suite 15 & 16 | Level: 100

    In this thought-leadership session learn about the next transformation trend emerging from the pandemic. Hear how the most forward-looking public sector organisations are moving beyond digital transformation and leveraging the cloud to drive the business outcomes leaders care about. Find out about the definition of responsive transformation and what it takes to lead that change, avoiding the traps that could hold you back.


    Alex Meek-Holmes, Senior Manager Government Transformation, AWS
    Mike Beaven, Government Transformation Lead EMEA, AWS

    Healthcare Workshop - Cloud Enabled ICSs

    Session ID: WS-03 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Capital Suite 17 | Level: 100

    Over the last two years, the NHS has faced an unprecedented challenge as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic - the nation called for its help, and it answered. As we now look ahead to a post pandemic world, we will explore how the NHS is leveraging cloud to support the recovery, transition to integrated care, and helping to improve the experience for the citizens and workforce


    Tom Allen, AWS

  • Partner

    Future proofing your SAP estate with SAP FinOps

    Session ID: PA-01 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Capital Suite 14 | Level: 200

    In this session with Intel and Lemongrass, you will learn some of the lessons learned, experiences and recommendations of how modern compute platforms can continue to drive yearly cost savings.


    Loubna Wortley, AWS

    Observing an insurance API built on AWS serverless

    Session ID: PA-12 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Capital Suite 14 | Level: 200

    For Veygo, the short term car insurance solution, making it easy for customers to buy insurance digitally is key. But in order to do that, they need to understand client data quickly to be able to price accordingly. In this session, they'll discuss how they built a scalable API using AWS API Gateway, WAF and lambdas, and why New Relic is key to observing this critical element of their business.


    Mark Sainty, Engineering Team Lead, AWS

    William Hill drives efficiency, scalability & agility with Vmware

    Session ID: PA-08 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Capital Suite 12 | Level: 200

    William Hill, one of the biggest names in gaming, is on the cutting edge in a highly innovative industry. To maintain this position, it needs an IT infrastructure that is secure, easy to manage & cost‑effective – but, importantly, allows its developers to build apps & put them into production extremely rapidly. Hear how William Hill drive innovation and accelerate business strategy with VMware.

    Joe Baguley, VP and CTO, AWS
    William Hill

    Managing a Million Instances of MongoDB Atlas

    Session ID: PA-13 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Capital Suite 14 | Level: 100

    MongoDB Atlas hosts about 100k dedicated clusters, and millions of shared tier clusters. Learn how we manage a deployment of this scale, ensuring high availability and stability for our customers. Dive deep on our infrastructure, exploring some interesting operational challenges we've faced, and how we support a constantly growing range of offerings, including Altas Serverless & beyond.


    Lloyd Woodroffe, Global Product Manager, AWS

    AWS + Palo Alto Networks: Together, We’ve Got the Cloud. Together, We’ve Got Next

    Session ID: PA-02 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Capital Suite 12 | Level: 100

    In this session, learn about the partnership, and how the Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, VM‑Series andCloud NGFW solutions work seamlessly with AWS.

    David, Maclean, Manager, Prisma Cloud Solutions Architects, Palo Alto Networks, AWS
    Palo Alto Networks

    Accelerating The Machine Learning Lifecycle with MLOps

    Session ID: PA-03 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Capital Suite 14 | Level

    Data Reply supports customers with MLOps in a number of ways – through an initial MLOps Capability Assessment – helping them with productionisation challenges and operational issues using AWS technology. Data Reply and Indicia Worldwide will address the MLOps challenges through the de-coupling of Data Science and how to achieve an acceptable ROI on ML investment and ML scalability.


    Pavi Singh, Senior Data Science Consultant at Data Reply UK
    Nil Patel, Global Data & Analytics Director at Indicia Worldwide
    Graham Lannigan, Head of Data Platform at Indica Worldwide

    How ManoMano is building a DevSecOps culture using Snyk

    Session ID: PA-05 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Capital Suite 12 | Level: 200

    Join us to learn how ManoMano, a leading European retailer of DIY, home, and garden products, integrated Snyk across its development pipeline to find vulnerabilities in their code and in open source dependencies to ensure security at scale without impacting speed.

    Chaaban Barakat, AWS
    Jules Duvivier, Application Security & Ethical Hacker Manager, ManoMano

    Case Study – Digital at BT & EE with AWS and Dynatrace OneAgent

    Session ID: PA-06 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Capital Suite 14 | Level: 200

    As early adopters, the Consumer Digital teams at EE and BT have been taking advantage of Cloud and AI techniques for many years. In this session, Chris discusses their move from on‑premises to the Cloud using earlier versions of Dynatrace, through to modern‑day use of AI‑driven OneAgent features that have allowed BT to operate at scale in a fast‑moving digital landscape.


    Chris Deane, AWS

    Modernize and migrate your data platform with Confluent and AWS

    Session ID: PA-14 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Capital Suite 12 | Level: 100

    Companies need to build experiences to meet consumer and employee expectations and distinguish themselves from competitors. To accelerate these digital initiatives and create real‑time experiences, many enterprises are building their data platform on AWS. Join our session to learn more about how Confluent has rearchitected Apache Kafka® for AWS to help get your data to the cloud in real‑time.

    Braeden Quirante, Cloud Partner Solutions Engineer, AWS

    Fuel your Data-led Modernization to AWS with Informatica

    Session ID: PA-11 | Time: 15:35 | Room: Capital Suite 11 | Level: 200

    In this session we will talk about how successful companies proactively implement a data strategy in parallel to their cloud strategy using the Informatica Intelligent Data Management cloud. With our AWS‑native, metadata‑driven platform you can rapidly discover, catalog and integrate data on AWS — while cleansing, governing, protecting, and mastering all your on‑premises, hybrid, and cloud data.


    Steve Holyer, Cloud Specialist, AWS

    Learn how British Telecom are scaling up their GitLab usage via AWS to support flexibility, empower developers and speed up solution delivery from service design and developer perspective!”

    Session ID: PA-09 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Capital Suite 14 | Level: 100

    "British Telecom (BT) has been ramping up its adoption of agile software delivery mechanisms across multiple areas of the business over 2 years, with over 8,000 users leveraging their “on-prem” development platform called “Mobius”. As usage increased, BT were looking for additional flexibility as they prepared to scale across the Enterprise. The decision was made to move into the Cloud for many components, starting with an migration of their GitLab service to AWS as a pilot, to provide a known, supportable platform, and the desired scale. This also opened up the possibility for some of their third-party developers, who had not previously had access to their “on-prem” solution, to also benefit from the GitLab platform. Benefiting from the pilot the Mobile Network area of the business were able to rapidly onboard to the platform and establish their CICD pipelines of their own tooling and applications, whilst learning along the way."


    James Moverley, AWS

    AMD and Saagie: Data Ops runs better on AMD

    Session ID: PA-04 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Capital Suite 12 | Level: 100

    in this session you will learn why AMD EPYC matters in the cloud and the benefits of AMD based Amazon EC2 Offerings.  You will also have the opportunity to learn more about Saagie, a DataOps platform, which will explain how Data Ops works better on AMD with instances that have enabled them to deliver optimal performance to their customers while advancing a sustainability agenda.

    Louise Demerliac, Global Account Manager, AMD
    Etienne Sigwald, Solution Architect, Saagie

    Scaling Data Science to deliver Business Value with Snowflake & AWS Sagemaker

    Session ID: PA-10 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Capital Suite 11 | Level: 200

    According to a recent Gartner report, only between 15% and 20% of data science projects get completed. Of those projects that did complete, CEOs say that only about 8% of them generate value (Our Top Data and Analytics Predicts for 2019, Gartner, Jan 2019). In this session you’ll learn how Snowflake and AWS Sagemaker work together to knock down the walls of data access and on-demand scalable compute to help deliver successful projects at scale.


    Duncan Beeby, Senior Sales Engineer, AWS

Level guide

Level 100: Introductory

Sessions are focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features, with the
assumption that attendees are new to the topic.

Level 200: Intermediate

Sessions are focused on providing best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees have introductory knowledge of the topics.

Level 300: Advanced

Sessions dive deeper into the selected topic. Presenters assume that the audience has
some familiarity with the topic, but may or may not have direct experience .

Level 400: Expert

Sessions are for attendees who are deeply familiar with the topic, have implemented a
solution on their own already, and are comfortable with how the technology works.

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