AWS Gameday F1

Thank you for your interest in AWS Summit London. Unfortunately, the event has reached maximum capacity and we are unable to accept further registrations.

Take your technical skills for a ride at the:

AWS GameDay: F1

GameDay Room Location: Capital Suite 14, Third Floor, ICC Captial Suites, ExCeL

GameDay Timeslots: Round 1: 11:00-13:00   |   Round 2: 14:00-16:00

AWS GameDay: F1 is an interactive team-based learning exercise designed to allow players to put their AWS skills to the test in a real-world, gamified, risk-free environment.­ Most importantly, it is an extremely fun way to learn more about the potential of AWS without the step-by-step instructions provided in workshops or classroom-style sessions. If you are seeking an open-ended, multi-faceted style of training, then GameDay is perfect for you.­ ­ Sounds interesting? Check out the challenge below.

AWS GameDay: F1 Teaser

Prepare our team for the Grand Prix!

The Unicorn.Rentals.Racing Team’s IT department have done a sterling job in delivering some essential backend capabilities to get the team up and running. As a result, the supply chain and pit crews are running at top efficiency. The time has come to take the team to the next level! After completing several races in its debut racing season, Unicorn.Rentals.Racing management is looking to improve the use of data coming from the cars to enhance the performance and results of our drivers, cars and the pit crews. We received access to some sample data and feeds from Formula 1® which puts us in strong position to finally bolt together our pit-lane dashboard assets but with the next race just 48 hours away, we need to work quickly. –Good luck!­ You and your team will have 90 minutes to put your skills to the test and ensure Unicorn.Rentals.Racing is ready to leverage that data and provide essential racing tooling for our team!

Team requirements:

  1. Please ensure you have a team of minimum 2 and up to 4 people in your team.
  2. Each team member should register and attend the AWS Summit London.
  3. In order to participate, you will have to have an intermediate understanding of AWS services and console.
  4. Gameday participants are required to bring their own laptops.

Get hands on with LaunchDarkly in the New Frontier GameDay challenge

AWS GameDay: The New Frontier

Experience The New Frontier, the new GameDay challenge that premiered at AWS re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas (USA). Designed for a general audience, participants can expect an array of technical challenges encompassing AI/ML, data consolidation, data stream processing, security, IoT, CI/CD, and much more.

Prepare our team for The New Frontier!

After re:Invent 2021, our unicorn fleet began leaving suspicious deposits of their mana at our company headquarters, as if trying to share a message. R&D ran tests on the mana and discovered a way of processing it to create a new form of advanced microchip. A new business ensued and profits soared. However, like in previous years, our quick expansion caused IT issues and customer complaints. It’s up to our new hires (GameDay attendees) to dive deep into our production systems on their first day and fix all of our technical problems in this 2.5 hour challenge.

Team requirements:

  1. Please ensure you have 4 people in your team.
  2. Each team member should register and attend the AWS Summit London.
  3. In order to participate, you will have to have an intermediate understanding of AWS services and console.
  4. GameDay participants are required to bring their own laptops. We will have some loaner laptops onsite subject availability.

Quests Overview:

  • Feature Flags with LaunchDarkly

Learn about feature flags and how they let you break apart continuous deployment and feature releases. Test changes in production, target releases at users, and modernize your application development, without risk.

  • Cornhuf Translator

The Mythical Research division located ancient unicorn texts and we think it’s written in Cornhuf language. Work together with your team and find out what the unicorns are trying to tell us.

  • Finding Monoceros

The Resourcing Department is trying to locate new mana sites in outer space. In this Quest, you will look for the Monoceros Constellation by using Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker.

  • Rucinon Space Taste

The Unicorn Auditing Department is getting sent to space to taste test Rucinon. In this Quest, you will test you DevOps skills to deploy the Unicornus Operating System (UOS) in space and send unicorns there.

  • Unicorn Farm

The Unicorn Farm Department protects and develops the future fleet. In this Quest, you will use IoT services to help Unicorn.Rentals better manage its Unicorn Farm.

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