Behavox Surveillance and Compliance on AWS

Monitor internal communications to create a surveillance system-of-record

Behavox provides a suite of security products that help compliance, HR, and security teams protect their company and colleagues from bad actors.

Through AI-powered analysis of all corporate communications data, including email, instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing platforms, Behavox helps organizations identify illegal, immoral, and malicious behavior in the workplace.

Behavox is an AWS Partner and has achieved the AWS Financial Services Competency. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices, and staff with AWS certifications.

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    Solution highlights: ­ ­

    • ­Customers of Behavox report reduced false positive alerts by 90% on average
    • Discover market abuse and conduct violations sooner
    • Build a comprehensive risk profile of every individual by cross-referencing multiple data types (voice, email, chat, transaction data)
    • Leverage acoustic voice, sentiment, biometry, and paralinguistic analyses for insights into human behavior.

    Key features: ­

    • Vertically integrated solution: End-to-end SaaS solution deployed, integrated, and fully maintained by Behavox
    • Centralization of corporate data: Aggregation, centralization, and standardization of enterprise information silos – both structured and unstructured – in one place, Behavox Enterprise Data Lake
    • Rapid development and integration of new data types with average development time within two weeks
    • Exclusive library of 60+ compliance policies: Unlimited access to the exclusive repository of plug-and-play compliance scenarios, behavioral models, scorecards, Management Information reports, and data visualization applications developed by Behavox as well as its customers
    • Speed: Implementation that takes days rather than weeks or months.
    • Unified search: Holistic search across billions of emails, chats, text messages, audio records, logs, and other data types generated by the enterprise from one simple interface
    • Alert management: Interface for alert management is highly configurable and enables users to collaborate across departments and regions – can cater to U.S. workflows that must meet FINRA requirements and traditional Three Lines Of Defense – to assign, escalate, and review alerts generated by either users or Behavox
    • Relationship mapping: The ability to identify and visualize unusual relationships between monitored employees and external contacts to pre­empt instances of misconduct using intuitive relationship maps
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