Data Republic Senate Platform

Helping banks and financial service providers safely navigate the world of data sharing

Data Republic Senate Platform can be easily deployed on AWS

The Senate Platform helps customers overcome expensive, time-consuming, and risky data sharing practices. Data Republic provides a comprehensive solution for banks and financial service providers to properly govern and control the way they share data with all parties – whether that be across teams, with an existing supplier, partner, or a potential collaborator.

Data Republic is an AWS Partner and has achieved the Data & Analytics Competency.

Key features

Data Republic Senate Platform solves the complex legal, data security, and privacy barriers to data sharing, making it simpler and more secure for organizations to share and license data.

  • Reduce risk with one governance platform for data sharing, workflow, and audit trail
  • Drive competitive advantage through safe data enrichment and collaboration
  • Leverage personally identifiable information (PII) management tools and comply with privacy regulations
  • Innovate and collaborate across teams and external parties while remaining in control

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