Posted On: Jun 12, 2017

Amazon Aurora now provides an easy, cost-effective way to create database clones. Cloning is useful for a number of purposes including application development, testing, database updates, and running analytical queries, all without impacting the production environment.

You can clone an Amazon Aurora database with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console. The copy operation is much faster than the previous method, which required creating and restoring a database snapshot. The database clone is distributed and replicated across 3 availability zones, like all Aurora databases. You can create multiple clones of the same database, and even clones of clones.

A cloning operation does not incur any storage charges. You will only be charged for additional storage space if you make data changes. Learn more about database cloning in the Amazon Aurora documentation.

Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible relational database that powers some of the world’s biggest database deployments. See Amazon Aurora Pricing for regional availability.