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Jumpstart your innovation with AWS SaaS Solutions

Whether you are looking to solve immediate business challenges or need end-to-end support, AWS has a broad collection of solutions for common SaaS use cases.

AWS solutions for SaaS include off-the-shelf deployments, extensible architectures, and professional services from technically validated AWS Partners, allowing you to right-fit the solution to your business priorities and architecture strategy. Simplify how you develop, deploy, run, and scale SaaS applications—all in the world’s most powerful, secure and innovative cloud.

AWS Partner helps customer scale and reduce time to market

Check out our featured SaaS solutions for common SaaS challenges, organized by extensibility.

  • Design Pattern
  • AWS SaaS design patterns that help accelerate implementation.
    Isolate SaaS Tenants with Dynamically Generated IAM Policies.
    Enable Tiering and Throttling in SaaS with Amazon EKS SaaS and Amazon API Gateway.
    Implement multi-tenant data isolation using PostgreSQL row level security policies.
  • Reference Architecture
  • Featured SaaS reference architectures to quickly build SaaS systems aligned to AWS best practices.
    Design and deliver a multi-tenant SaaS application using Serverless technologies.
    Build an end to end SaaS solution using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
    Quickly build and operate a SaaS workload with core, ready-to-use software components.
  • AWS Partner Solution
  • Featured SaaS solutions from AWS Partners provide off-the-shelf options to speed up development time.
    The Scale Factory’s AWS Control Tower for SaaS provides a quick and easy approach to establish a secure, scalable cloud platform.
    Firemind’s migration framework allows builders to accelerate a SaaS Migration landing zone using AWS native cloud services.
    McKinsey’s SaaSRadar tool provides tailored benchmarking for mid-sized SaaS companies and recommendations to drive growth.
  • Professional Services
  • Featured professional services offerings from AWS Partner can help you move even faster, with less risk.
    Optimize with Trek10’s unique consulting service focused on improving SaaS stability, cost efficiency, and business growth.
    Scale faster with Lancom’s product support which provides customers with a great service experience, freeing up your business resources.
    Speed up your SaaS transformation with Commit’s workshop which introduces best practices on SaaS strategies and roadmap.

AWS SaaS Solutions Library

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