With Amazon FSx for Lustre, you pay only for the resources you use and there are no minimum fees or setup charges. While pricing is quoted on a monthly basis, your usage is prorated by the second, and you are billed for your average usage over a month.

File system storage: you pay for your use of a file system based on its storage capacity measured in gigabyte-months (GB-Months).

Persistent file systems are ideal for longer-term storage and workloads. Data is replicated and file servers are replaced if they fail. Scratch file systems are ideal for temporary storage and shorter-term processing of data. Data is not replicated and does not persist if a file server fails.

SSD storage is optimized for latency-sensitive workloads or workloads requiring the highest levels of IOPS/throughput. HDD storage is optimized for throughput-focused workloads that aren’t latency-sensitive. For HDD-based file systems, the optional SSD cache improves performance by automatically placing your most frequently read data on SSD (the cache size is 20% of your file system size).

Backups: For backup storage, you pay for the amount of backup data stored, measured in gigabyte-months (GB-Months). Backups are incremental, which means only the changes after your most recent backup are saved, so you save on storage costs by not duplicating data.

Data compression: You can use data compression to reduce storage consumption of both your file system storage and your file system backups.

Data transfer: Data transferred “in” to and “out” from Amazon FSx across Availability Zones (AZs) or VPC Peering connections in the same AWS Region is charged at the rate for data transfer within the same AWS Region. 

Data transferred “out” from Amazon FSx to another AWS Region (including for copying backups across Regions) is charged at the inter-region rate for the specific inter-region transfer.


  • SSD file systems
  • HDD file systems
  • Data transfer
  • Data transfer within the same AWS Region

    Data transferred "in" to and "out" from Amazon FSx across Availability Zones or VPC Peering connections in the same AWS Region is charged at $0.01/GB in each direction.

    Cross-region data transfer pricing

  • Previous Generation file systems

Pricing example 1

Assume you want to provision a scratch file system in the US East (N. Virginia) region with 4800 GB of storage capacity, run your file system for an 8-hour workload every day, and then shut it down. Assume you do this for 30 days (a month).

$0.140/GB-month / 30 / 24 = $0.000194/GB-hour
4800 GB x $0.000194/GB-hour x 8 hours x 30 days = $224/mo

Total monthly charge: $224

Pricing example 2

Assume you want to store 2000 GB of data on a file system with at least 125 MB/s of throughput capacity in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. Based on a typical data compression savings of 50%, you provision a persistent file system with 1200 GB of storage capacity and per unit storage throughput of 125 MB/s/TiB. For additional data protection, assume you have 1200 GB of backup storage during the month.

Storage: 1200 GB x $0.145/GB-month = $174/mo
Backup: 1200 GB x $0.050/GB-month = $60/mo

Total monthly charge: $234

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