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Get inspired. Follow pioneer astronaut Peggy Whitson as she gains first-hand insights from Major Gen. Clint Crosier (Ret.) on how Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps space customers take research and discovery to the next level.

Explore how NASA’s Mars Mission, Maxar Technologies, Fireball International, and Capella Space use AWS to help astronauts, scientists, and everyday heroes do their jobs better. See how AWS is innovating for customers to make the future of space a reality.

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Satellite Ground Segment: Moving to the Cloud

This report from Northern Sky Research (NSR) on cloud computing in the satellite world named AWS Ground Station as one of the solutions available to satellite operators looking to run a fully managed cloud-based ground station service. The report highlights the measurability and flexibility that cloud-based solutions provide to the traditionally Capital expenditure (CapEx) heavy investments of satellite ground infrastructure. AWS is touted as offering flexible per-minute access to antennas for self-service scheduling, alleviating the need to buy, lease, build, or manage a fully owned ground segment.

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