Cromwell on AWS

A Collaboration with Broad Institute to Accelerate Genomics Research

Cromwell is a workflow management system from Broad Institute – a research organization dedicated to bioinformatics, based in Cambridge, MA. Cromwell is geared towards executing scientific workflows for genome analysis. Cromwell enables genomics researchers, scientists, developers, and analysts to efficiently run their experiments without the need for deep expertise in the backend computing capabilities.

Cromwell is now supported in the AWS Cloud. Cromwell is a workflow execution engine that simplifies the orchestration of computing tasks needed for genomics analysis. AWS Batch, a fully managed batch computing service on Amazon Web Services, dynamically provisions the optimal quantity and type of compute resources (e.g., CPU or memory optimized instances) based on the volume and specific resource requirements of the set of batch jobs submitted.

With Cromwell on AWS, researchers and scientists will now have even more flexibility in scaling genomics experiments using computing capabilities in the cloud – instead of contending for limited on premises resources.

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An Introduction to Running Cromwell on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Watch a webinar to learn about tools, techniques, and best practices for developing and executing scientific workflows that use Cromwell on AWS. The webinar discusses how to configure Cromwell to AWS Batch, a fully managed batch computing service.

Demo Video

Watch a Demo: Running Cromwell on AWS

A brief video to highlight two examples demonstrating Cromwell capabilities on AWS: Configure Cromwell to use AWS Batch and encode a simple workflow.


Keeping up with Genomics Research Momentum

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Using Cromwell with AWS Batch

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How to Set Up Cromwell on AWS

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